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Ceramic tile is nothing new. It has actually been in use for centuries and is one of the more beautiful additions a person can make to their home. Ceramic tiles are available in many colors, patters and even textures if you are looking for something truly unique. Today's ceramic tiles can be made to look identical in every way to more expensive products like stone and slate. Ceramic tile is usually glazed and looks great in the kitchen or bathroom.

A ceramic tile basically starts out as two simple elements, water and clay. Different types of clay are first ground into a fine powdered and then mixed together. The powdered is then compressed until it forms the body of the tile. Moisture content is reduced through a drying process and then the glaze is applied. The tile is then fired in a kiln at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which fuses the glaze to the surface. During the firing process the glaze takes on a glass like texture.

In addition to ceramic, porcelain can be used to make a very dense, moisture resistant and durable tile. Porcelain unlike many other types of tile can be used as flooring in heavy traffic areas for many years without showing signs of wear.

One decorative way that ceramic tile can be used is with wall tiles. Different from the tiles used for flooring, wall tiles have a glazed surface that can become very slippery when wet, which is why it isn't used for floors. Wall tiles are also useful when making tile countertops as well since they are fairly easy to keep clean.

Since the tiles are created for flooring they are less durable then regular tile. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, your wall tile can really serve to bring several elements of a room together. Often times the fixtures in a bathroom and the floor don't seem to work together, but with the addition of wall tile, the two seem to blend in harmony. Start your sear today for the perfect ceramic wall tile for your kitchen or bathroom.

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