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A few days ago I received an email from one of the members of my e-letter. Her name was Karen. She wrote me to ask me for some information on wall mirrors. In her letter she asked me to give her an idea on what her options are in respect to the different types of wall mirrors.

She was interested in what is available in wall mirrors with respect to mirror theme, style, framed, frame color, frame material, frame finish, frameless, shape, orientation, and any additional information which would help her in her search for several wall mirrors in her home.

So what I did was break down each of the topics on wall mirrors she wrote in her e-mail and provide information on each of them. This way she would have a good knowledge of wall mirrors in general.

I started out with "Wall Mirror Theme." When it comes to the theme of a wall mirror, your choices are Floral, Nautical, Tropical and Exotic. If you go online and browse through mirror specialty stores, you will find good examples of these themed wall mirrors.

Next on the list is "Style." Here she had a large variety to choose from. Your choices of styles of wall mirrors are Commercial, Oriental, Transitional, Novelty, Modern/Contemporary, Traditional, Ornate/Gothic, Venetian, Casual, Mission, Craftsmen, Shaker, Children's, Tropical and Exotic. If she wishes to dig deeper, I'm sure she could come up with several more styles of wall mirrors to choose from, but the examples I have given for styles will give her a good idea of what is available.

So now we are taking a look at what is available in framed wall mirrors. Here I will go over what types of material wall mirror frames are made from. After frame materials, I will go over the frame colors that are the most popular.

Framed wall mirrors are constructed with several different materials. These materials include Glass Frame, Resin Frame, Wood Frame, Metal Frame, Wrought Iron Frame, Mosaic Frame, Pressed Paper Frame, Wood/Metal Combo Frame, Synthetic Frame and Leather/Faux Leather Frame. Now she has a good idea of what wall mirror frames are constructed of.

Now I will go over wall mirror frame colors. There are a large gamut of colors to choose from such as Cherry, Silver, Oak, Gold, Mahogany, Pewter, Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Black, White, Light Wood, Medium Wood, Dark Wood, Multi Color and if that wasn't enough, you can also get wall mirror frames in custom colors.

Frameless wall mirrors are also available. Sometimes the perfect finishing touch to the room is a frameless wall mirror.

Next, let's explore the various shapes of wall mirrors. The shape of a wall mirror is extremely important when it comes to the style or theme of a room. You need to examine the entire feel of a room from furniture to draperies, from paint color to lighting fixtures and then determine what shape wall mirror will compliment the room.

For the most part, the shapes of wall mirrors are Oval, Rectangle, Round, Arch/Crowned Top, Square, Sunburst, Octagon and Heart. If you go online to a mirror specialty store, you will be able to find wall mirrors in just about every shape imaginable.

Although the majority of wall mirrors are for residential use, you will also find wall mirrors for commercial use available. Additional features available for wall mirrors are ADA Compliant, Beveled Glass/Frame, Eco friendly, Fog Free, Magnifying, Tilt, Hooks, Lighted, Shelves/Drawers, Stemware Storage and Artwork.

Of course, the sizes of these wall mirrors will vary from small to quite large and every size in between.

A couple of days later, after I sent all this information to Karen, she sent me another e-mail to thank me for all this wall mirror information I sent to her. She said that now she knows exactly what to look for when choosing a new wall mirror.

It's not difficult to choose the perfect wall mirror for the room. All you have to know is what your options are. With the theme of the room in mind you will be able to add an artful reflection of your good taste.

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Vinyl Wall Sayings - Advantages and Applications Regarding Interior Designs


Recent increases in demand for vinyl wall sayings

Vinyl is quickly gaining popularity both as home decor and as wall art in numerous places. Their simplicity, versatility, and affordability are obviously contributing factors in their popularity. But, in addition to all of those factors, there is a sentimental aspect of wall quotes, the personalization element of wall words, and the element of imagination that also make them a favorite choice for adorning.

Since the economy is only slowly recovering, many individuals are looking for more affordable methods to accentuate their homes. With the extensive availability of vinyl and low price, you should start looking at this excellent alternative to redecorating your house. Make it your own with by building on others designs and personalize it using a name or customized family members picture. Vinyl wall sayings really are a competitive market and searching for good offers is going to be time well spent.

Custom vinyl sayings for a personalized touch

Custom made vinyl wall sayings provide a personalized touch to any space. Together with the sticky backs of the decal you are able to add and eliminate without having taking the paint with the partitions. Constant growth of your kids tends to make it simpler to beautify with custom vinyl wall sayings. The fantastic feature about customized vinyl wall sayings are the customization options for kids, adults, and those difficult to please teenagers.

Take into consideration children and how they're constantly changing whatever they are into. Decorating with wall stickers enables you to alter the decorations since they grow. Vinyl wall sayings can even be made with your child's image. Just how pretty would that be in a childs room? After they outgrow it, you can simply change it out with an all new design. With the tacky backing, it will not take the paint off your wall once removed. How about the little boy or girl who likes planets and stars, with customized vinyl you can easily put the universe inside your kids room.

Because there are lots of styles, colors, types and sizing's of vinyl decor, nearly any theme is possible. Also, giving your kid vinyl phrases and sayings enables them to express their own identity and allows for imaginative expression without having to be permanent. Once they have created their work of art, they have the option of changing the decals anytime they want, simply by pulling them off the wall and picking a new layout.

Vinyl could also be requested by using custom pictures and colors. Photos of the child and friends or animals or whatever you decide can be created into a wall decal for any kid. You can also make your own family portrait right on your bedroom walls with vinyl wall sayings.

Vinyl lettering may be used inside a child's room, and because the child matures so can the message on the wall. Vinyl wall sayings are an excellent way to provide daily encouragement to everybody residing in or visiting your property.

Here's a few other great ideas for kids vinyl wall sayings

  • Tropical fish
  • Dragons
  • Tigers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bubbles
  • Spiderman
  • Kid's Quotes

Decorating for a nursery with vinyl wall sayings

Do not neglect the little ones. Decorating a nursery with vinyl wall sayings is a enjoyable and simple way to decorate a baby's room. Stickers vary from the clouds to cats and dogs, with a lot of options in between. Big Bird vinyl wall sayings, Sponge Bob vinyl wall sayings and several other childhood cartoon character favorites seem to be popular for fixing up a baby's room. Vinyl wall sayings also make great special event decorations.

Childrens parties, slumber parties, regardless of the event, the little one can have the option to decorate for thier guests or choose to have the guests assist decorate, all without making a mess or doing any harm to the wall areas. Nearly any kind of theme can be created with vinyl wall sayings. From Disney world themes to animals and landscapes, vinyl wall sayings come in a wide range of styles to suit any taste.

You can find several web based designers to individualize any word or image you want for your vinyl lettering. You'll find solutions to customizing vinyl for any room of the house, this also offers your entire house a tailor made look made by you. Is there a favorite quote you like? You could have that put on a wall decal in the home.

In addition, having custom made sayings means you won't need to paint and cover up whenever your finished. All these wall quotes will peel right off when you wish to alter your interior decor. By using custom vinyl wall sayings your house will never need to be redecorated. This really is that personalized touch that only you are able to put in the home or office. And, there are so many styles, colors, varieties and dimensions of vinyl wall sayings, almost any kind of style is feasible. Also, designing your nursery using vinyl wall sayings lets you express your individual personality and permits creative expression without having it being permanent.

Vinyl wall sayings are incredibly tough

If schools and daycare centers take advantage of vinyl, you know they must be strong. If they do get destroyed, they are quickly replaced and sometimes just a hot blow dryer can get them pliable enough to fix. Unlike covering your walls using paper, or hand painting designs, vinyl will adhere for some time and yet come off easily when you're ready to get a new look in the kids rooms. Children change on a regular basis, therefore having a fast and simple replacement is a great way to match your kids fast changing habits.

Where else are you able to adhere vinyl wall sayings

In your home, vinyl can be used in every room. Vinyl wall sayings are easy to apply and simple to remove. This is a superb function for someone who regularly wants to modify his or her home decor but may not want to spend a lot of money and time to do so. Vinyl wall sayings are often used to convey seasonal or Christmas greetings. In a master suite, vinyl wall sayings really are a fantastic way to express loving feelings. They can serve as an indication of the need for keeping the love alive through the years.

Vinyl wall sayings can be used in an workplace setting. Words could be displayed on the wall that provide motivation both to people which work there and for everyone who comes inside the office. Everyone can make use of a optimistic thought to make his or her day just a little happier. Medical facilities are a great place to add some comforting, inspiring vinyl wall sayings. Different rooms of an chapel, the entryway, and also the sanctuary are common possible areas to include thoughtful emotions and inspiration.

Ease of Application

Having personalized sayings or phrases positioned on the wall isn't a brand new concept. The previous approach to acquiring this unique look was through hand-painting or the use of stencils. With vinyl, intriguing quotes and whimsical artwork can easily be applied to any wall in the house, passing on a brand new and up-to-date feel. No specific skills are needed additionally, the vinyl words can be taken down and altered as often as a individual wants.

Hand painting is time intensive, challenging, and monotonous. In addition, it needs at the least some creative ability to get the alignment of the words and letters just right. One of the greatest pitfalls of hand decorated sayings is always that they cannot be removed. Of course they can be covered over, but this calls for painting over them as well as perhaps the entire wall.

Economical Pricing

Getting a hand painted style come out looking chic and elegant will take a considerable quantity of time and effort. You might even incur the extra hassles of getting to paint more than any errors that are made. Vinyl wall sayings are an affordable choice that also lets you invest your time in which you truly want to, along with your loved ones. Depending on the dimension, personalization, and colours you select for your design, the charges for a special piece of wall art can be extremely affordable. The time and energy you'll save plus the capability to eliminate and reuse these wall sayings makes this an investment worth its weight in gold!

In summary, here is a list of advantages for Wall Decals

  • Easily alter your layouts
  • Different and unique
  • Many color selections
  • Many over all size options
  • Very simple installation
  • Incredibly tough
  • Inexpensive

As you can clearly see, vinyl is an appealing alternative to several from the standard design choices on the market. I hope you will search all around to compare choices and prices around the internet.

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Using Pre-made Glass Block Panels For a Shower Wall Or Partition


Creating a beautiful glass block wall for a shower or partition in a home or commercial building no longer requires being a veteran mason contractor or tile setter. Starting with common-sense design steps and prefabricated glass panels the process has been simplified dramatically for those who don't tackle this type of project on a daily basis.

Learn 5 1/2 practical steps to move you from an initial design concept through a successfully completed glass block wall installation.

Step 1 - Determine where you want to use the wall - One benefit of a block wall is it's durability, strength, and thickness. Since the blocks for wall projects range from 3 1/8" to 3 7/8" thicknesses they can be used on both the inside and the outside for a wide variety of applications. Some of the more popular uses inside include shower enclosures and stalls, conference room walls, and partitions to separate work and living spaces. Externally these glass block walls can be used as a straight or rounded part of the home or building's structure or as free standing separations for privacy walls between yards or to create a private outdoor living space with unique style.

Step 2 - Design and determine the size and shape of the wall - Although there is virtually no limit to the size of a block wall, the size and shape will often drive the preferred construction method. Here are a few decisions to make regarding your wall:

How wide and tall do you want the walls? When the walls are greater than approximately 15 feet wide or tall there can be the need for wall supports within the structure. Also the size of the structure will be needed to figure the correct amount of anchors and wall reinforcement material required.

Will the wall have a special shape or be straight in design? There are now specially shaped blocks to make rounded walls, angled walls, or even assemblies that stair-step down in 8" size increments.

Step 3 - Identify special features you want for your glass block wall - You want the wall to function for your specific needs and application. The good thing is the blocks are not a "one size fits all" product. Listed below are special feature blocks you may want to consider for your project:

Enhanced security blocks - Some block units come with thicker inside walls that make them extremely difficult to knock out. A standard block has a face thickness of 3/8", but there are specialty units that are ¾" thick and also one block that is a 3" solid glass brick.

Increased privacy blocks - Whether you're building a home or commercial building there are some spaces where you may want to have the combination of excellent light transmission and high privacy - for these uses there are high privacy blocks.

Extended fire ratings - Standard blocks provide a 45 minute fire rating. For increased safety there are also 60 and 90 minute block assemblies that can be used for tight spaces between buildings and homes.

Combining accessibility and safety - A glass block shower or partition wall is durable because of it's thickness and safe for increased accessibility situations because of it's smooth glass faces.

Step 4 - Add unique pattern, color, etched or lighting feature for a one of kind design - Why have a generic wall when you can add features that will make your design distinctive and customized with your specific interests, tastes, and decorating in mind. In the beginning blocks came in one pattern and size - fortunately this no longer the case. Here are some design options to consider:

Colored glass blocks for a wall - whether you want a vibrant or more muted earth tone color, standard and custom colors can now be added to any size, pattern, or shaped block.

Etched glass wall - Personalization has never been more attainable or cost effective than with the computerized laser etching process available today. Add a custom image or standard etched design into one block, or combine a group of blocks to create a distinctive mural. It's possible to etch your hobby, family picture, nature scene or any image into blocks - very cool and affordable and available in smaller order quantities as well.

Pattern - Using multiple block patterns (note: the patterns are on the inside of block for easy cleaning) you can create stripes, borders, or individual block accents within an entire wall structure.

Lighting - Move light through the glass block wall with either simple rope type lighting behind the wall to sophisticated fiber optic or even lighting systems that can be hidden inside the glass block shower curb like was done by a remodeling contractor in Minnesota.

Step 5 - Have the walls prefabricated to save time, money, and improve your finished quality - In the old days blocks were installed in a painstaking and time consuming process with a mason laying one block with mortar, leveling it, laying another block, leveling it etc. Since these block units are made of glass vs. standard cement-based masonry materials like bricks or blocks they do not dry as fast and are generally considered more difficult to install than a traditional brick or block. With the invention of spacers and prefabricated glass block wall sections the process has come out of the stone ages and into the 21st century. Using a vinyl stack spacer system you can now install these glass block prefabricated wall sections and anchor them to adjoining walls for support bypassing the need for the long and difficult block by block method. Here are the steps for the pre-made wall section process:

Compute the overall size of the wall (width x height).

Contact a glass block panel fabricating company to help you determine how big to have them make the wall sections. Some considerations for the size of the wall sections are where the wall is located, if one or more people will be installing the sections, and the actual design and shape of the wall. (Note: Since these sections are made with the vinyl spacers and specialized silicone to join them together they can be shipped safely).

Set the first vinyl stack premade wall section in a bed of mortar to the base. Level and plumb the section and anchor it to an adjoining wall. Apply specialized glass block silicone wall sealant to the top of the horizontal vinyl strips.

Set your next wall section on top of the first section. Repeat the additional steps above.

Finish off the spaces (joints) between the blocks with either mortar, tile grout, or a glass block silicone sealant.

Step 5 1/2 - How to coordinate this wall or shower project if you don't want to do the work yourself - if don't have the time or want to have a professional contractors installation warranty on the block work, you can either order the wall sections directly from a qualified vinyl stack glass block wall manufacturing company or have your contractor work directly with the wall supplier. Try to make sure the premade wall supplier has installation expertise so they can guide you and your contractor on both the design and structural considerations of your custom wall.

There are also some companies that can actually provide a custom or standard shower base that can match up exactly with your prefabricated glass block shower wall as well (some of these bases come ready for the tile floor and other bases are made of acrylic and don't require any additional finishing material to go over them).

Now that you're equipped with these 5 1/2 steps you're ready to order your glass block wall for a shower or partition in your home or business.

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