Tapestries And Wall Hangings


Is your home interior decoration boring you? Why don’t you make yourself am interior decorator and start changing the look of your home? One significant home décor item, that that decorates the empty and boring walls and gives character to your house, is wall hangings. Considered as immensely creative wall hangings, tapestries can be great for your home walls.

We call tapestry wall hanging as a conventional art form and it is an example of excellent detailing and superb craftsmanship. You just can compare the grace and sophistication that tapestry wall hangings can provide your home. Go for tapestry if you want your home décor to be special and unique.

The sophistication and royal appearance of these wall hangings are just beyond compare. This is one reason why tapestry wall hangings have been considered as a sign of wealth and luxury ever since antiquity. At first, these tapestries were utilized in churches and castles to eliminate moisture in the living space and also to provide a sense of warmth. After some time, it was considered as a sign of status and upper-class. Even at present, people value the superiority and attractiveness of tapestries.

One other benefit of tapestries is that you will find a large selection and designs in the market. According to your needs, you can select the size, topic, shade and theme of the tapestry wall hanging. The interior decorators simply love using tapestries in their work because the craftsmanship is superb and there is also a huge variety available in the market. If your interior designer is creative then he/she will be able to design the entire room around the color scheme or theme of the tapestry used. Designers can get ideas from the subject of the tapestry.

You can select from a wide range of tapestries in dissimilar themes and styles. There are Bayeux Tapestries, Flanders Tapestries, Medieval Tapestries, Chenille tapestries, Renaissance Tapestries, Belgian tapestries, etc. There are a lot of categories for each style so select a tapestry which you find attractive.

The biggest distributor of budget and European tapestries is Budget tapestries. These tapestries are offered at special cost guarantee and competitive prices. These tapestries are made from European countries including Belgium. They are replicas of the original tapestries that are now in museums.

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29 Off-the-wall Reasons To Get In Better Shape


Establishing clear expectations while working out often can be the difference between success and failure. Too many people try to do too much and get frustrated. Instead of “lasering” in on a few great strategies, they try to do as many things as possible. As they say, “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies here.

To help renew your spirits of why proper diet and exercise is important for the New Year, I’ve compiled a somewhat comical list. See how many apply to you:

• Because it costs you (or your loved ones) over 5 million pennies in future health care if you aren’t

• Because feeling better tomorrow starts today

• Because torture is a bad persuasion technique

• Because studies show that fit people make more money

• Because if you don’t, you suck

• Because movie stars do it

• Because performers do it

• Because everyone that is cool in your life, does it

• Because you CAN commit 1.5 hrs/wk out of 176

• Because avoiding a wheelchair is a good thing

• Because hugs are better when you can actually wrap your arms around someone

• Because your kids really don’t want to put you in a rest home

• Because no matter what you keep telling yourself, thick is not sexy

• Because feeling grandpa’s muscles at Thanksgiving can be a yearly ritual

• Because cottage cheese is for fruit

• Because squeezing into a size 6 means you’re not a size 6

• Because love making is much more fun without the extra rolls

• Because being able to see your toes……hmmmm

• Because bigger clothes cost more money

• Because shopping for smaller clothes raises spirits

• Because hitting the State Fair and observing everyone shouldn’t be the only thing that puts a smile on your face

• Because having the woman in your life open a stuck jar of pickles for you is embarrassing

• Because no matter what anyone says, women are always in competition with each other. You do want to win, right?

• Because you had to ask your 10 year old son to take out the trash…..after all you couldn’t lift it

• Because beer makes everyone else look better while making you look worse

• Because weight training makes you look better while making everyone else look worse (see competition in women)

• Because yelling at the gym is a lot better than yelling at work (unless you are a cheerleader)

• Because “Shut your mouth or I’ll kick your ___,” now actually has meaning

• Because being told you look 40 when you are actually 60 does something strange to self confidence

Again, make sure to renew your sense of self worth this holiday season and strive to become a healthier you. Great information is always key but watch out for the dreaded “information overload.” Get equipped and make ’07 the best year of your life.

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Tapestries For Wall Art


Usually large size looms have been used to weave tapestries on. Several types of threads have been used to make laces like gold, silk and silver threads weaving numerous pictures of subjects as well as those of the peasant scenes after Teniers, Biblical history, mythology, etc. Tapestries have been used as wall hangings yet unlike needlework, it was woven on a loom. It was also erected in proportions much larger than would mostly be used in hand-stitched embroidery; tapestry panels ranging from ten or twelve feet in height and twenty feet long are relatively standard. The chief medium was wool, but in special models silk was additionally used. In some of the finest works the use of gold and silver can be seen. The primary heart of tapestry weaving from the year 1500 has been Brussels. But the outputs during the years have greatly varied in quality. Biblical and Roman history, peasant, mythology and scenes subsequent to Teniers were some of the subjects.

A good number of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century works are let down by the truth that within the years a murky brownish image has faded their red dyes. Brussels tapestries normally own a mark with a shield with the letter 'B' on either side. At times weavers add their names or initials, in the work. There were two significant factories in France. Both the Gobelins and Beauvais were based in the second half of the seventeenth century. Although the former was a private worry with State support, the latter was a Royal factory and it was only in the late eighteenth century when one could buy any of its productions. Although both did work of the highest quality, Beauvais was mainly celebrated for a sequence of panels centered on the Fables of La Fontaine, and for several sets of settee covers and chairs. The former was also made at Gobelins, where about 1775 they made beautiful and exemplary sets of furniture covers and matching wall hangings.

Example of these types of decorative harmony is to be seen in a room produced by Robert Adam, remains at Osterley Park, near London. A set of furniture (shorn of its wall-hangings but even now intact Gobelins covers) made for Moor Park in Hertfordshire, is housed in the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. A couple of of these rich ensembles are intact even now, but a collection of tapestries that had been made for a store at Croome Park in Warwickshire has been sold off for a sum of £50,000, and is now seen in the New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once more in France at Aubusson, tapestry panels, chair covers and also tapestry carpets were made.

Most of the output belongs to the nineteenth century, though the pattern of work is similar to an earlier era. Philip and Michael Wauters, supplying to global markets, they wove their tapestry in Antwerp. Works popularized by additional plants were copied here with achievement, these Flemish tapestries were also at times confused with the English productions they copied. Brussels was the center head of tapestry weaving.

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The Various Wall Decorating Styles Available


There are many different ways you can help to brighten up dull and lifeless walls. You can use anything you like to give it more personality so it is a chance to be creative.

Sometimes a room can look extremely cold and uninviting and it is amazing to see that with a bit of care and time, you could totally transform the look by decorating the walls. By doing this, you can add extra personality and make the space look warmer and inviting. If you are not sure how to decorate your walls, there are so many different resources out there to help you on your way.

What Can you do to Make Your Walls Look Better?

One way to help give the walls more depth is by adding textures to them. So whether you want to use textured wallpaper or use your own materials to achieve this look, it entirely depends upon each person’s tastes. You can get some nice patterns and textures on wallpaper so do not dismiss it straight away as you could be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

Stencils can be a great way to add some creativity to the walls and they can be a fun way of doing it as well. With stencils you can buy pre-made ones or if you are really creative, you can even make your own. It can be a great activity for the whole family to enjoy and get involved with. If you want the room to have a theme, you can incorporate this theme into the stencils, either by buying one or making it yourself.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Wall hangings such as plaques and pictures can also make great use out of space on the walls to help liven it up a little bit more. Or if it is a spare room that is used for hobbies, you may want to use the wall to hang up toys, tools or whatever you like. You can also use shelves to organize clutter and other things in the room too.

You can use your imagination to decorate the walls with whatever you like and by doing this; you will notice a massive change straight away. With all of the great ways to turn empty walls into something more, there is no excuse to have dull and boring walls ever again. So if there is anything that is in the way, think about if you can hang them on a wall or benefit from putting an extra shelf up.

Overall it is really easy to decorate the walls and you should find inspiration in a number of places. Bu decorating your walls you are making your home a more relaxing and beautiful place to relax. You simply cannot relax when the walls look terrible.

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Hanging Wall Fountains - What To Consider


Hanging wall fountains make truly exceptional additions to both the outdoor garden and the interior of the home, but it is important to know a thing or two about the way that wall fountains operate before you can properly care for and maintain the hanging wall fountains in your home and garden. If you want to get the most benefit and enjoyment out of hanging wall fountains, then it’s important both to install them correctly, and then to operate them properly.

For example, one of the most important considerations to make when determining how to install your wall fountain is to know how much it weighs, and how much weight your chosen wall can handle so that you do not end up installing your hanging wall fountains on a surface that is unable to withstand the weight of the fountain. Wall fountains are available in hundreds of sizes and weights so you will surely be able to find the one that will work well within the location you choose.

For example, hanging a modern cast resin wall fountain could be ideal for a drywall wall in your home, but if you try to install a similar fountain constructed from intricately carved marble or slate, you may have great difficulties. You need to make sure that the wall fountains and the walls that you choose all work well with one another before you attempt any mounting! Read more about hanging wall fountains at http://takkijen.blogspot.com/2007/11/water-fountains.html.

Here is another consideration to make when it comes to indoor hanging wall fountains. If your fountain is on, you should absolutely never allow it to run out of water. If there is no water in the fountain but it is still running, the pump and motor will quickly burn out. Every eight hours or so you should check the water level and add more water if needed. You should also consistently check for breaks or cracks. Although very rare, if you think there might be a break, turn the fountain off, fill the water up completely to the top and wait to see if any water leaks out. If the water is still, you are probably ok.

The best and most effective way to clean your hanging wall fountains is with the use of a soft and slightly damp piece of cloth. You should also make sure that the water in the hanging wall fountains is clean, changing it out when necessary. Depending on what temperature the water is, and what level of evaporation the water is experiencing, you may experience a build up of what looks like white residue – which is the result of mineral content gathering in the supply of water. Other parts of the fountain will also experience these mineral deposits, including any natural elements that are not stained or painted.

When cleaning your hanging wall fountains, it is important to use natural cleaning products that are not abrasive. Otherwise, the finish of your wall fountains may be damaged or destroyed all together. One suggested product is known as Protec. This cleaning solution is recommended because it can prevent mineral and algae growth in your hanging wall fountains' supply of water. Even just having chlorine in the water can damage the surfaces of the fountain as well as the inner workings of the mechanics behind the fountain's operation. For more information on wall fountains visit http://judithldavis.com/blog/?p=152.

One of the biggest considerations that you can make is this: Once you purchase your hanging wall fountains, you should take time to read all of the literature that accompanies them. This is because you need to know how to fully operate and maintain your hanging wall fountains and to ensure you are using them properly.

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Wall Hangings Tapestries


Are you bored with your room décor? Wear the interior decorator’s cap and give your space a makeover. Wall hangings are an important décor element that give character to a space and embellish the dull, boring walls. Wall hangings tapestries are one of the most artistic wall hangings that you can use to decorate your wall.

Tapestry wall hanging is a traditional art form, which is an example of exquisite craftsmanship and fine detailing. The grace and class that these wall hangings give to a room is beyond compare. If you are looking for something that makes your interior not just different but unique then you should definitely choose tapestries wall hangings.

The royal look and elegance of wall hangings tapestries
is matchless and that is the reason they are a symbol of luxury and opulence since ancient times. Initially the tapestry used to adorn the wall of castles and churches as it used to give a cozy feel and keep away the dampness in the living quarters. But soon it became one of the symbols of aristocracy and prestige. Today too Tapestries are appreciated for their beauty and exclusiveness.

Another advantage that tapestries offer us that they are available in mind blowing varieties and styles. You can choose the theme, color, subject, and size as per your preference. These lovely art forms are an interior decorator’s delight as they offer enormous selection and amazing craftsmanship. A creative designer can design a whole room around the tapestry theme or color scheme. The tapestry subjects provide inspiration to the designers.

Tapestries Tapestry offers a vast selection of tapestries available in different styles and themes. You can choose from Chenille tapestries, Belgian tapestries, Renaissance Tapestries, Medieval Tapestries, Flanders Tapestries, Bayeux Tapestries Etc. All the styles have many categories and you can choose the tapestry that appeal to you.

Budget Tapestries is the largest distributor of European and budget tapestries. The tapestries are available at competitive prices and a special price guarantee. The tapestries displayed are woven in Belgium and other countries of Europe. These wonderful tapestries are creative reproductions of the original masterpieces that now are part of museum tapestry collections.

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More About Tapestry Wall Hangings


The most expressive and effective art form that the world has ever known is the tapestry art form. The stories of the Greeks, Romans, Medieval, and the Renaissance period as well as the Old and New Testament are told vividly in woven tapestry art. Stories related to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are expressed in these tapestry wall hangings . Even the stories of Virgil's Aneida and Ovid's Metamorphoses are intensely portrayed through these wall hangings.

Innumerable heroes and nobility have owned hand-woven wall hangings tapestries in France, England, Germany, and Italy from ancient times to the more recent times through the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries. There was a period of darkness and interruption of artistic expression between the hand-woven tapestry art of classical antiquity and that of the thirteenth century and wall hanging tapestries. For over a thousand years, the weavers were content to leave the making of large tapestry wall hangings to artists and embroider. Today they are made on Jacquard looms.

You can choose from a wide range of tapestry wall hangings from Budget Tapestries. You can choose form Unicorn tapestries, Medieval art forms, Renaissance, Raphael, Verdure, François Boucher, Aubusson, Bayeux, Chenille Tapestries, Floral and Still life, Lake Como, Royal Hunt Scenes, Oriental tapestries, William Morris, Arts and Crafts, Beatrix Potter and Cicely Mary Parker. Among the various wall hangings, Unicorn wall hangings tapestry is a vivid example of marvellous art form, as in no other art form has such pictorial depiction of events and stories so vividly portrayed as in Unicorn wall hanging tapestries. Compositions reflect the Passion of Christ, Resurrection, and Incarnation.

In the early thirteenth and fourteenth century, Gothic art appeared in woven tapestry. Themes in medieval tapestry wall hangings are highly personal, intense, human and spiritual. You can see the opposite expressed in Renaissance wall hangings. The purpose of Renaissance tapestry wall hanging was to produce illusions of what reality should be. Raphael’s sketches have made a special place in tapestries. Raphael is best known for his Madonna and for his large figure compositions in the Vatican in Rome.

Verdure’s main subject is nature that includes landscape, forests, leaves, fruits, animals, and hunters. French painter, François Boucher is noted for his pastoral and mythological scenes. Frivolity and sensuousness characterize his work.

Budget tapestries offer great prices for all its products. It provides free shipping to worldwide, which becomes another reason to buy your favourite wall hanging from Budget tapestry.

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Swedish Wall Mirrors - How to Buy a Piece of Sweden Reflection Beauty


Swedish Wall Mirrors are a way to get a mirror into a room that does not have to be plain. The typical Swedish Wall Mirror is of a bold dynamic design. It is made with a sturdy wood frame and can be stained or painted in any shade or color. The Swedish Wall Mirrors are usually ornately designed with leaves or trim to make them look spectacular.

If you are looking to purchase a Swedish Wall Mirror, do not expect to purchase one inexpensively. They are relatively expensive but, who can place a price on quality. You get what you pay is a statement that generally I do not agree with however, when it comes to Swedish Wall Mirrors, that is not always the case. Swedish Wall Mirrors are more expensive than some of the other type of mirrors available for purchase but that is just because the type of construction and materials that are used to make them.

Caring for a Swedish Wall Mirror is an easy task if you do the proper preparation in finding out how the mirror needs to be cleaned and polished. Use a non abrasive furniture polish with a soft cloth to clean the frame and use a mild window cleaner that does not scratch or streak the surface of your mirror and your Swedish Wall Mirror will last beautifully for a long time to come.

In conclusion, Swedish Wall Mirrors are a purchase that can put a considerable dent in your wallet and add grace and beauty to any room they are placed in. Pay special attention to the products you are going to use to clean your mirror, and the Swedish Wall Mirror can last forever, beautifully and gracefully.

Looking for Swedish Wall Mirrors - Sweden Mirrors For Your Wall - Sweden Mirrors? - Then Visit Our Website!

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Business Utilize Vinyl Wall Lettering to Inexpensively Enhance their Environments


Some businesses have taken advantage of vinyl wall lettering to enhance their offices. From retail stores, to sales offices, almost any business can use vinyl wall lettering to customize and personalize their office space. Recently, a bakery had some wall lettering made from vinyl for their retail store. They were able to get their logo in vinyl lettering for a quarter of the cost to have someone come and paint the logo on the wall of their store.

Another example of how businesses can use wall lettering to enhance their space is reflected in a sales office, which had used wall lettering to put their mission statement, along with inspirational quotes at various places around their office, which helped to create an uplifting and motivating atmosphere. Anyone who has worked, or managed a call center or a sales team will testify how important it is to keep your employees motivated.

One key aspect is creating an atmosphere which feeds, and reinforces such motivation. This can be achieved without breaking the bank by using wall lettering. While painting logos, mission statements, or motivational phrases on walls can cost a small fortune, and are more permanent, wall lettering can achieve the same look at a fraction of the price.

What’s more is that wall lettering is also removable without damaging the walls, which can’t be said with painted and stenciled wall lettering.

Whether you’re a small business, or a large retail store, vinyl wall lettering can not only enhance your atmosphere, but because it’s inexpensive to create, it can also add to your bottom line…which is something nearly every business owner can appreciate.

Stacey Barrus helps home owners and businesses utilize vinyl wall lettering to enhance their environments. Vinyl wall lettering is less expensive than painting, and less permanent as well. As a result, Stacey has helped numerous businesses achieve a professional painted look at a fraction of the cost using wall lettering made from vinyl.

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Ten Reasons to Get a Wall Mural


There are probably thousand of reasons to get a wall mural. They are a home decorator's dream come true. Why do we love them? Simple: they are by far the easiest way to transform the entire look of a room. A room goes instantly from drab to fab. Here are ten reasons to get a wall mural off the top of my head.

1. Makes your bedroom more than just a place to sleep. Go exotic!

2. Adds depth and style to living rooms. Live in a room with a view from your favorite place.

3. You can select a theme based on what you love. Our selection of wall murals is huge.

4. Chose a trompe l’oeil theme to “trick the eye” and visually open up a room

5. Little boys love outer space, sports and jungles. Transform their bedrooms with a wall mural.

6. Little girls love horses, sports, princesses and magical castles. Transform their bedrooms with a wall mural.

7. Relax in your bath and ponder a beautiful Mediterranean seascape instead of a blank wall.

8. Just because you haven’t been to the Taj Mahal doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its beauty in your castle.

9. Impress your dinner party guests in your dining room with a wall mural with a formal garden theme.

10. Fixing up your basement? Choose a bright, vibrant sunny wall mural theme to add light.

Isn't this little list compelling? Great! Now you can consider wall murals as a unique and fun option when you are decorating a room!

Lisa Herbik, author. Visit her website, http://artistichomeowner.com for a huge selection of Wall Murals.

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Decorative Wall Clocks


Clocks have an important part to play in terms of home design. They make perfect embellishments to the walls of your room or in any area of the house. Ornamental clocks – most commonly referred to as decorative wall clocks – are especially popular in this area. These clocks keep accurate time in attractive designer packages.

In this day and age, many decorative wall clocks are available in the market. These clocks come in a wide range of styles and designs. With so many options available, it’s not hard to find one that will fit with your needs. However, you should be very choosy when buying a decorative wall clock. Remember – a fine-looking wall clock signifies a classic mark of your style and excellent taste. And they are quite expensive, too, so you want to choose something for keeps.

Choosing the Right Decorative Wall Clock

Opt for a cut-above style to add glamour and a sense of sophistication to the interiors of your house. Regardless of the design, color format, or type of interior decoration in your home, you can get hold of the perfect wall clock that will reflect your own distinct character. Your choices are endless – you can add a fashionable, dazzlingly-colored wall clock or a cool, state-of-the-art design in tune to any section in your home or office. Whether you are in search of antique designs, unique features, or a wall clock finished with oak, you will not be disappointed by the wide variety of decorative wall clocks that are offered in the local or online market.

A decorative wall clock is just one of the many accessories you can invest in for your home or office enhancement. That’s why if you’re in search of an exceptional wall clock to “prettify” your home or office, then shop at an online wall clock store. They provide good deals on finely made wall clocks.

Wall Clocks provides detailed information on Antique Wall Clocks, Contemporary Wall Clocks, Decorative Wall Clocks, Kitchen Wall Clocks and more. Wall Clocks is affiliated with Tuscan Wall Murals.

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Uncover the Beauty Created With Wall Tapestry


Tapestry a Form of Textile Art

Wall tapestry enhances the décor of a room or the place of business. The richness that the wall tapestries have in texture cannot be found in any other art form. The tapestries having modern art images that are done by world-famous artists are in demand as a decorative piece for the interiors.

Tapestries Can Beautify the Interior of Your Home

If you prefer to have a warm and colorful look in your room, then it makes for a great idea to have wall tapestry in the rooms. Besides rendering a colorful look to the room, this room décor also gives the room a soft and relaxed feel.

Be it a fine domestic or European wall tapestry, you can have them to grace your walls. Wall tapestry is lovely wall hangings that come with a 3-4 inch rod pocket, which is sewn on the reverse side for the purpose of installation. You can hang tapestries with pretty hardware finials on each end or with a metal adjustable rod, which is quite akin to a curtain rod.

Pay attention to the hanging of a wall tapestry, if the job is done well then there is no stopping you from transforming your room from a simple one to a decorated and elegant one. Tapestries can create a welcome look in the house that will make your guests compliment on the look of your interiors.

Makes for both fun and function, a wall tapestry is a wonderful textile art. It is actually woven by hand on a vertical loom. So take your pick from the many floral wall tapestries, vintage poster tapestries and landscape tapestries. Look in awe at the magic that the wall tapestry does to your home.

Bob is Marketing Director for Keepsakes Etc and has been developing a market awareness for their Wall Tapestry line of business.

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Outdoor Wall Fountains


If you have a beautiful garden that is filled with exotic flowers or even plain carnations and lilies but it still lacks that spunk, then it is an outdoor wall fountain that you are missing. Outdoor wall fountains will add that touch of nostalgia and grandeur to any garden.

Outdoor wall fountains save a lot of space while adding to the aesthetics of your décor. If you are a pet owner (especially if you have a dog), and if your wall fountain is at a ground level, your pet might consider it to be a bathtub or a huge water dish.

Also, outdoor wall fountains incorporate the tranquil and serene characteristics of water in a garden or outdoor setting. With the installation of the fountain, your garden comes alive with the sounds of the gurgling of flowing water and smell of plants and the soil. It is a complete setting with an outdoor wall fountain.

Outdoor wall fountains can be expensive, but many are affordable as well. It all depends on how you order your outdoor wall fountains and which stone are they made with. What design are you using and other such technicalities will determine your final cost. But these, days due to modern production techniques and methods, the cost is comparatively lower and sometimes you can get a very good deal.

There are plenty of online stores with a large variety of outdoor wall fountains and other garden accessories that you could purchase to beautify your garden. You can browse through their various sections online and make a transaction online as well. All you need is a major credit card, and you are ready to get yourself your own stunning outdoor wall fountain.

Wall Fountains provides detailed information on Wall Fountains, Outdoor Wall Fountains, Wall Water Fountains, Indoor Wall Fountains and more. Wall Fountains is affiliated with Water Fountains.

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Wall Plaques


Wall plaques are perfect for adding character to any space. You can choose from existing wall plaque designs to complement the space's deign elements, or have one custom-made. There are two types of wall plaques, outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor wall plaques can be used as either garden accents or emblems for family crests. Some people have the first letter of the family surname engraved in a wall plaque for displaying on either the gates or strategic points in the garden. But the most common outdoor wall plaques are actually address plaques that usually bear the full surname and the address. Some homeowners even use decorative stepping stones as wall plaques. This is a great idea especially if the stepping stones are made of quality materials. Such plaques can tie in the whole look of the outdoor space.

Outdoor wall plaques are likewise popular as historical signage. They can carry information on when a certain building was constructed, for example, or the date when a certain business was established. Many companies also use outdoor wall plaques to display their company name and address, and even as directional posts for visitors.

Indoor wall plaques are usually used as corporate plaques or commemorative plaques from sporting events and educational institutions. Many companies award indoor plaques to its most productive employees.

Wall plaques can likewise be used as decorative elements, especially if they are hand-painted or hand-stained in wood. Artistically-designed and hand-finished wall plaques made of brass, stone, resin or marble also make great decorations. You can personalize them for your home or give them as housewarming or wedding presents.

Plaques provides detailed information on Address Plaques, Award Plaques, Bronze Plaques, Garden Plaques and more. Plaques is affiliated with Baseball Trophies.

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Wall Decorating Ideas


If you want to avoid having the rooms in your home look cold and without personality, make sure you do not have any stark spaces in them. When you want to add some life to a room and give it character, you have to add some wall decor to relieve that monotony of blank walls. Here are some great ideas to bring this kind of life to your walls.

One of the best and easiest way is to add texture to the wall. There are so many wallpapers that have texture, and it is a simple task to paper the wall or walls with a wallpaper that has a raised design, or is made to look like bamboo or linen. Of course, this can be brought to an extreme, and there have been avant garde decorators who adhered straw or paper bags to a wall to achieve texture, but this is not a solution that is for everyone.

Wallpaper is still the tried and true way to add texture as well as color to your walls, and if you start to look at some of the wallpaper books in a decorating store, you will be amazed at the variety of styles you can achieve, and leave the straw out in the barn for the animals!

You may also consider wall hangings to remedy a bland wall. A beautiful old quilt adds a lovely touch of texture and color, and also spotlights a unique family heirloom. This is one of the nicest ways to add texture, since it is done in such a personalized way.

Another very personalized way to add texture is to display a collection on a wall. For example, a gentleman who collects antique tools might consider hanging them on a wall in a family room in an interesting pattern. Now they are serving a function, and he has also succeeded in removing some clutter from his garage.

How about using old doll clothes or dresses to perk up the walls in a girl's room? Here you are sure to have plenty of color, and the textures of old dresses are usually materials such as tulle or organza, which would be very eye catching. The colors of dresses such as this are perfect for a little girl's room.

Just using your imagination and the materials around you will yield a lot of ideas for adding texture to a dull wall.

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How To Clean White Wall Tires


White wall or white lettered tires require frequent cleanings to keep them looking new. Although they are easy to maintain if washed regularly with soap and water, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Do not use a strong bleach solution or silicone on the white wall or letters because it can actually damage the tire itself causing it to turn a dull-grayish color. When using a chemical product you should follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully; allowing the product to stand on the tires too long or prolonged exposure could crack and/or turn the whites of your tires a brownish-yellowish color.

The first step to cleaning your tires with normal soap and water should be to apply a small amount of clean water to them before you wash them. This helps to cool and prep your tires to be cleaned. Some products specify that you should not apply them to a wet surface, so be sure to follow the directions if using a product other than soap and water. The second step is to apply the soap or product and scrub with a brush. It is very important not to use a steel brush or Brillo pad for this as they can scratch the white of your tire. A nylon or plastic brush works great. Finally, rinse off the tire with a jet of water and check your progress. You may have to wash a second time if it has been awhile between cleanings.

By: David Barefield, Jr.

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Discover Wall Mounted Wine Racks


Wall mounted wine racks are among the safest, most affordable wine racks available. Because of the weights of the bottle and the height of the unit needed to hold a certain capacity of wine, it is necessary and strongly recommended that these units are attached directly to the wall for stability.

Wall mounted wine racks are easy to assemble as well as mount. All wall wine racks come with the necessary hardware and detailed, easy to understand, instructions as to the proper placement of hardware, as well as suggested locations to locate it.

Instant cellars are most commonly a wall mounted racks for wine by their very design. Since these wine racks must be mounted to a wall, they only run one unit deep. To utilize the available space, wall wine racks most often run floor to ceiling. Stacking units and bottles, requires the correct hardware and placement to prevent unnecessary damage to the wine and wall itself. It is not recommended that a individual purchase stand alone units and try and mount them, unless it is specified that this wall wine rack can be used free standing.

Wall mounted wine racks are a good investment for individuals who live in earthquake prone areas. Even a minor tremor can send an unmounted wine rack tumbling to the ground. A wall mounted wine rack will, if it is properly secured as instructed, remain stable as long as the wall itself is not compromised. This will give you peace of mind that the 10 year old bottles of merlot you have are safe, even when the china is rattling in the cupboard.

Wall wine racks are probably not the right choice for a home without many open walls. Although they vary in size and shape, they do require bare walls. Most wall mounted wine racks are placed in cellars or pantry type rooms, with the exception of the bar area. It is common for a partial wall wine rack to be mounted against the wall behind a bar or entertaining area. This makes for easy to reach, safe storage for small amounts of wine.

Creating a Unique Room with a Wall Mural


Home interior decorating distinction truly lies in details, the personal touches and unusual twists that make a room entirely unique. To put your personal mark of creativity in your home, do what many professional interior designers do: use a Wall Mural.

Wall Murals are among the most versatile of decorating tools. Furthermore, they are affordable and easy to install. Any wall takes on a more finished look with the addition of a Wall Mural.

Wall Murals are extremely useful in the kitchen. Kitchens typically contain permanent appliances and cabinets that separate wall space. By adding an elegant Wall Mural with a Tuscan or garden theme, the overall space will be unified while also giving the room greater depth and visual appeal.

A Wall Mural can also provide a visual transition between the kitchen and the living room beyond it. Choose a bright or whimsical design, such as Tokyo Night or Japanese Temple at Dusk.

Experts agree that we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep! With that in mind, you can easily transform your bedroom into a luxurious, comforting haven with a beautiful, serene Wall Mural (such as one depicting a sunrise, sunset, or water theme). Make your most private room your favorite with the clever addition of a Wall Mural.

Turn your children’s bedroom into a jungle, forest, or magical fairy land with a Wall Mural. Help welcome your newborn with a dreamy, delicate, playful scene of your choosing.

Now you're on a roll. So why not use a Wall Mural to decorate your powder room, guest room, dining room, foyer, or home office? The possibilities are endless. The addition of a Wall Mural makes your living space unique and beautiful. Give your walls an instant face lift with a Wall Mural!

Find a wide selection of Wall Murals at http://www.artistichomeowner.com You may also inquire about Custom Wall Murals.

Lisa Herbik is a happy homemaker who loves to do her own home interior decorating. For more fun and free tips for decorating your home, check out her website, http://www.artistichomeowner.com

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How To Install Your Wall Mural


Congratulations! You decided to have a beautiful Wall Mural installed in your family room wall. You cannot wait to have this exquisite addition transform the entire look of your room, and who could blame you? Knowing you want a desert scene complete with cacti, mountains, and a beautiful cloud-filled sky, you chose Organ Pipe State Park, a breathtaking photograph indeed.

The family room is a great location for your Wall Mural. The wall you chose is one most easily seen when entering the room. Even better, it doesn’t even have many electrical outlets on it. Having already purchased the Wall Mural, you are now wondering about the cost of professional installation. You want to save money, right? Excellent. Well then, invite a buddy over, roll up your sleeves and set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You can even keep the game on while you install the Wall Mural yourself! Similar to hanging wallpaper, installing your Wall Mural really is not difficult.

Before you begin your project, be sure to unroll and inspect the Wall Mural panels. Be sure all the pieces are present and in good condition. To achieve the best results, please don’t wing it. Instead, consult the manufacturer's instructions. Keep them at hand and re-consult them as needed.

Prior to hanging, make sure that family room wall is clean and flat. Fix any holes or dents in the wall if there are any. Wash the wall with a mild, soapy water to remove dust and dirt. Then rinse with cool clean water on a sponge or cloth. Allow the wall to air dry completely before you start.

Now you need to determine the exact place on the wall where you will start to hang the first panel of the Wall Mural. Using a plumb bob, you can make a straight chalk line.

Select the first panel. This piece should be the upper left hand corner of the Wall Mural. On a flat clean surface, roll out the panel with the picture side down. Now apply a thin, even coat of wallpaper paste along the entire backside. Next, carefully roll the panel up inside out and let the piece lay undisturbed for a few minutes. This will help prevent it from curling when you are applying it to the wall itself.

After a few minutes, you can apply the Wall Mural panel to the intended spot marked on your wall. Position the left edge of the panel along the straight chalk line you made with the plumb bob. Carefully unroll it while aligning it with the line. Once in place, use a damp sponge or finishing brush and gently push any air pockets that may be trapped under the panel. Use gentle, sweeping movements to remove the air pockets without harming the Wall Mural image. Firmly press down on the outer edges to assure adherence of the panel to the wall.

The next panel you choose should be the one that goes directly beneath the first one. You’ll notice there is a small amount of overlap for each panel. This is to help you align the Wall Mural panels together easily yet precisely.

Now simply repeat the above process over again with each adjoining panel of the Wall Mural. Once you have the entire image hung, gently wipe over the entire Wall Mural with a damp cloth or sponge. This helps the wallpaper paste to adhere uniformly. It also helps to remove the excess paste that drips out.

You must allow the entire Wall Mural to air dry completely. Once dried, check all the seams, making sure they are glued down properly. If necessary, use some additional paste to seal any loose edges.

Well, what do you know? Your Wall Mural has transformed your family room into a beautiful rendition of Organ Pipe State Park! Wasn’t that easy?

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Much Ado About Wall Sconces


Feel the need to de-stress after a long day at the office? Want to create the perfect romantic ambiance for a special evening? Need to add a bright focus to the signature art canvas above the fireplace? Brightening a dark area to repel depression? Wall sconces can do all this for you and more.

Just as color suggests psychology, so does lighting. In fact, there may be no better way to set a mood, convey an unspoken message, point to a venerated treasure, or make a frown turn around than with specialized lighting that wall sconces can provide.

Sconces provide light via the bulb used in the fixture as well as reflected light from the surface on which they are mounted. This means that if the surface behind the fixture is light absorbing, the glow will be much less intense than if the surface is light reflective. Therefore, reflected light may swath the area in brightness or blend the light into a softened hue as a backdrop.

While browsing online, sconces advertised were nearly 20 categories, from traditional to art deco; in 10 different finishes, from gold-tone to wrought iron; and four types, from swing arm to down arm. While that may seem like an incredible variety of wall sconces, you can be sure to find several that will inspire your sense of style.

When a savvy homeowner determines that a sconce will do the trick, the first thing to do is inventory the existing space. Take into account the visible light available from windows in the room, filtered from other rooms, and from table or ceiling fixtures. Also consider the perception of light you wish to create.

Once you have a plan, measure the areas where the wall sconces are to be installed. With measurements in hand, dismiss any fixtures that do not match the size of the area you will be lighting. Keep in mind the scale of the room and the existing décor. The height of your ceiling may need to be taken into account.

What are the factors of the lighting task? What is the mood or purpose you wish to express? Consider the aesthetic you wish to create. A handheld flashlight pointed down, up, or sideways will give you an impression of a sconce that may help you decide on the proper fixture.

Make sure that area where it is to be housed is suitable for the installation. Most wall sconces install in a similar fashion and are appropriate for a do-it-yourself. However, if wiring needs to be upgraded or new wiring installed prior to installing the sconce, it is a good idea to hire a professional and to provide him or her with the sconce package directions and specifications. Too, a professional may need to assist if the sconce requires a special switch or dimmer.

What type of bulb does it use? New technologies in lighting call for new types of bulbs. Additionally, you may choose to put the fixtures on a module timed to automatically turn on or off.

Decorative sconces serve as a disappointment if not properly installed, or if it does not function as you had planned. Plan well and your new wall sconces will add joy and inviting warmth to your room.

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