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Feel the need to de-stress after a long day at the office? Want to create the perfect romantic ambiance for a special evening? Need to add a bright focus to the signature art canvas above the fireplace? Brightening a dark area to repel depression? Wall sconces can do all this for you and more.

Just as color suggests psychology, so does lighting. In fact, there may be no better way to set a mood, convey an unspoken message, point to a venerated treasure, or make a frown turn around than with specialized lighting that wall sconces can provide.

Sconces provide light via the bulb used in the fixture as well as reflected light from the surface on which they are mounted. This means that if the surface behind the fixture is light absorbing, the glow will be much less intense than if the surface is light reflective. Therefore, reflected light may swath the area in brightness or blend the light into a softened hue as a backdrop.

While browsing online, sconces advertised were nearly 20 categories, from traditional to art deco; in 10 different finishes, from gold-tone to wrought iron; and four types, from swing arm to down arm. While that may seem like an incredible variety of wall sconces, you can be sure to find several that will inspire your sense of style.

When a savvy homeowner determines that a sconce will do the trick, the first thing to do is inventory the existing space. Take into account the visible light available from windows in the room, filtered from other rooms, and from table or ceiling fixtures. Also consider the perception of light you wish to create.

Once you have a plan, measure the areas where the wall sconces are to be installed. With measurements in hand, dismiss any fixtures that do not match the size of the area you will be lighting. Keep in mind the scale of the room and the existing décor. The height of your ceiling may need to be taken into account.

What are the factors of the lighting task? What is the mood or purpose you wish to express? Consider the aesthetic you wish to create. A handheld flashlight pointed down, up, or sideways will give you an impression of a sconce that may help you decide on the proper fixture.

Make sure that area where it is to be housed is suitable for the installation. Most wall sconces install in a similar fashion and are appropriate for a do-it-yourself. However, if wiring needs to be upgraded or new wiring installed prior to installing the sconce, it is a good idea to hire a professional and to provide him or her with the sconce package directions and specifications. Too, a professional may need to assist if the sconce requires a special switch or dimmer.

What type of bulb does it use? New technologies in lighting call for new types of bulbs. Additionally, you may choose to put the fixtures on a module timed to automatically turn on or off.

Decorative sconces serve as a disappointment if not properly installed, or if it does not function as you had planned. Plan well and your new wall sconces will add joy and inviting warmth to your room.

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