How To Clean White Wall Tires


White wall or white lettered tires require frequent cleanings to keep them looking new. Although they are easy to maintain if washed regularly with soap and water, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Do not use a strong bleach solution or silicone on the white wall or letters because it can actually damage the tire itself causing it to turn a dull-grayish color. When using a chemical product you should follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully; allowing the product to stand on the tires too long or prolonged exposure could crack and/or turn the whites of your tires a brownish-yellowish color.

The first step to cleaning your tires with normal soap and water should be to apply a small amount of clean water to them before you wash them. This helps to cool and prep your tires to be cleaned. Some products specify that you should not apply them to a wet surface, so be sure to follow the directions if using a product other than soap and water. The second step is to apply the soap or product and scrub with a brush. It is very important not to use a steel brush or Brillo pad for this as they can scratch the white of your tire. A nylon or plastic brush works great. Finally, rinse off the tire with a jet of water and check your progress. You may have to wash a second time if it has been awhile between cleanings.

By: David Barefield, Jr.

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