Why Use Removable Wall Decals for Nursery Decorating


Young children especially newborns thrive on visual stimulation also the visual environment of your baby's surroundings are the first elements which contribute to the higher learning of your newborn baby.

Removable wall Stickers provide a perfect educational element to your nursery as baby's quickly learn through association from visual cues such as shapes, colours and images and quickly draw associations from similar images they might see from toys, books and even television.

Stimulating colours, shapes and images in your baby's nursery will quickly be associated with feeling and emotions by your newborn baby and your newborn will quickly associate your newly decorated nursery as a place of fun and safety, helping your baby to sleep more soundly.

Alphabet wall decals are particularly valuable as they can help with early phonics and identifying the basics sounds of letters as well as associating letters with objects.

With brightly coloured wall stickers decorating your nursery, your baby will be more at ease and more able to be entertained by itself when you're not in sight, allowing you to get more done around the house without having to give constant attention to your baby.

Decorative Element

Most of tall decorative decals look absolutely fantastic and most popular childhood story characters are often available in removable wall decals for nursery decorating, Winnie the Pooh wall decals are a great example!

Once more decorative nursery stickers are extremely easy to apply and you can create your own custom creating by mixing and matching multiple nursery decal sets to create your own professionally decorated nursery theme.

Economic Element

Nursery decals are an extremely cost effective way to decorate your nursery in comparison to the messy and time consuming process of painting wall murals or applying feature wall paper. Removable nursery wall stickers stick to almost any clean, hard, non-fibrous surface and can easily be removed without damaging your walls or furniture and leave behind no sticky residues to clean up.

Interior Wall Painting Ideas For a Home Game Room


When it comes to interior wall painting ideas for a home game room you should get a little creative, especially if you have a dedicated theme to the room. And it doesn't need to be difficult to look great, it can be done easily and look amazing at the same time. All you need to do is be creative, think outside the box and set aside some free time to get the job done.

With that said there are two basic and simple ways to paint your home game room walls that'll make your room look awesome. The two types I'm talking about are two-tone wall painting ideas and solid wall color ideas.

Even though they may sound a little "basic", it's in the details that make them great. And when you're finished you'll have a home game room that friends and family will admire and one that you can relax in and enjoy to the fullest. And it all starts with simple interior wall painting ideas for a home game room.

Painting Your Interior Game Room Walls In Solid Wall Colors.

It doesn't sound exciting or fun but it is. Let's take for example that you're a football fan and love the Green Bay Packers. Their team colors are Dark Green, Athletic Gold and White. And these ideas will work with any of your favorite sports teams or theme room designs.

Back to the Packer Theme Room, you want to keep your room bright so you'll either go with white or athletic gold for your main color. A fun way to paint a room like this would be to paint 3 of 4 walls either white or gold and then use one wall as an accent wall and paint it dark green. On the dark green wall you could add some of your favorite decorations and a Green Bay Packers Helmet Fathead would look awesome on a dark green wall. Also you could stencil in the Green Bay Packers team name in athletic gold or white on that wall. It's all about being creative. Solid wall colors can be really fun. If you wanted a little more color paint one wall dark green, another athletic gold and the rest white.

Interior Wall Painting Ideas - Add Two-Tone Wall Colors To Your Game Room

Two Tone wall colors in a home game room is one of my favorite ways to paint. One of the simplest ways to go about painting your two toned game room is start with a top trim of 1 to 2 feet down. Make that trim your darker wall color which for a Packers Room would be dark green. The rest of your walls would be either white or athletic gold. Within the trim you can stencil team names, sayings, family names and more. It's pretty cool.

A second way to go would be to paint your room half and half keeping the darker color on bottom. You do that in order to keep your room bright instead of dark and drab. Traditionally though you'd use your darker color for the first 36 inches off the floor and then paint the top half of your game room your brighter colors.

And to make it look even better, where the two colors meet you could add wallpaper trim or chair rail. That way it breaks up the two colors and your room will look great.

Make It Fun And Use Your Imagination

As I've said throughout this article, it's easy to do this type of paint job. Just remember to clearly tape off the lines and make sure your tape is level especially if you're not using chair rail or a wallpaper border to hide where your two colors come together.


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