Why Are Wall Decals Better Than Other Forms of Wall Decorations?


Wall decals, also commonly known as wall-stickers are designs available in self-adhesive vinyl sticker form, to be pasted on walls, or any smooth surfaces for that matter. These are available in various designs, sizes, and colors, and can also be customized as per one's taste and preferences.

There are a lot of advantages in using wall decals. One of the strongest reasons why people prefer using these stickers is because they are easy to apply, and can be removed with equal ease as and when required. Unlike other forms of wall decoration, wall stickers do not cause any damage to the surfaces they are applied on, and hence, will not create the burden of additional cost of repair or renovation. These serve as perfect decor options for those who stay in dorms, rented apartments, hostels etc., wherein one is not allowed to mess up the walls with anything permanent.

Then of course, wall-stickers are hassle-free, and are very eco-friendly. Unlike painting and texturing, which can turn out to be quite tedious, as well as harmful for the environment, decals are a lovely decor solution causing no problems at all. When one is looking at transforming the look of a room quickly, all one needs to do is just apply these wall stickers in a creative fashion, and the room gets a new feel altogether within no time at all! Perfect for a surprise, right?

Customized wall decals can be used in commercial spaces, such as offices and shop windows for branding and promotion of a company. These are perfect materials for decoration, as they can be removed or changed periodically, as per the latest offers by the company, and one does not have to spend too much money in changing the shop window look.

Decals are available separately in various designs and object forms, such as trees, clouds, cartoon characters, plants, flowers, butterflies, graffiti designs, faces of famous people etc. Sometimes, large decals are available in a complete scene form, such as a forest scene, a playground scene etc. One can also mix and match several individual decals to create a complete scene.

Overall, these stickers are a wonderful alternative to wallpapers and other forms of wall art. They are:

- Cost-Effective
- Quick To Apply
- Capable of being Customized
- Hassle Free
- Damage Free

The best part is that one can change their decor every few months with these decals!


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