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Wall mounted wine racks are among the safest, most affordable wine racks available. Because of the weights of the bottle and the height of the unit needed to hold a certain capacity of wine, it is necessary and strongly recommended that these units are attached directly to the wall for stability.

Wall mounted wine racks are easy to assemble as well as mount. All wall wine racks come with the necessary hardware and detailed, easy to understand, instructions as to the proper placement of hardware, as well as suggested locations to locate it.

Instant cellars are most commonly a wall mounted racks for wine by their very design. Since these wine racks must be mounted to a wall, they only run one unit deep. To utilize the available space, wall wine racks most often run floor to ceiling. Stacking units and bottles, requires the correct hardware and placement to prevent unnecessary damage to the wine and wall itself. It is not recommended that a individual purchase stand alone units and try and mount them, unless it is specified that this wall wine rack can be used free standing.

Wall mounted wine racks are a good investment for individuals who live in earthquake prone areas. Even a minor tremor can send an unmounted wine rack tumbling to the ground. A wall mounted wine rack will, if it is properly secured as instructed, remain stable as long as the wall itself is not compromised. This will give you peace of mind that the 10 year old bottles of merlot you have are safe, even when the china is rattling in the cupboard.

Wall wine racks are probably not the right choice for a home without many open walls. Although they vary in size and shape, they do require bare walls. Most wall mounted wine racks are placed in cellars or pantry type rooms, with the exception of the bar area. It is common for a partial wall wine rack to be mounted against the wall behind a bar or entertaining area. This makes for easy to reach, safe storage for small amounts of wine.

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