Ten Reasons to Get a Wall Mural


There are probably thousand of reasons to get a wall mural. They are a home decorator's dream come true. Why do we love them? Simple: they are by far the easiest way to transform the entire look of a room. A room goes instantly from drab to fab. Here are ten reasons to get a wall mural off the top of my head.

1. Makes your bedroom more than just a place to sleep. Go exotic!

2. Adds depth and style to living rooms. Live in a room with a view from your favorite place.

3. You can select a theme based on what you love. Our selection of wall murals is huge.

4. Chose a trompe l’oeil theme to “trick the eye” and visually open up a room

5. Little boys love outer space, sports and jungles. Transform their bedrooms with a wall mural.

6. Little girls love horses, sports, princesses and magical castles. Transform their bedrooms with a wall mural.

7. Relax in your bath and ponder a beautiful Mediterranean seascape instead of a blank wall.

8. Just because you haven’t been to the Taj Mahal doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its beauty in your castle.

9. Impress your dinner party guests in your dining room with a wall mural with a formal garden theme.

10. Fixing up your basement? Choose a bright, vibrant sunny wall mural theme to add light.

Isn't this little list compelling? Great! Now you can consider wall murals as a unique and fun option when you are decorating a room!

Lisa Herbik, author. Visit her website, http://artistichomeowner.com for a huge selection of Wall Murals.

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