Selecting Decorative Wall Fountains


A Dazzling Array of Choices in Decorative Wall Fountains

There is a limitless choice of styles available in decorative wall fountains. In fact, some may argue that there's way too much choice to ever decide on a single style. With options ranging from majestic lions, to peace loving dolphins, fish spouting water and cherubs at play how do you decide on the wall fountain that's right for your home? You should first assess your existing design theme, and whether you would like the fountain to blend with the existing decor or design a new theme around the style of the fountain. A decorative water feature that looks great in a catalog or in an online store may strike a jarring note when you place it on your wall. Some designs, like lions, tend to awe and overwhelm.

If you have other dominant design elements this strong style will likely conflict with the lion style. Antique looking statuary is not for every home. If you have a modern styled home with clean lines and an overall minimalist theme, then you will want to choose a fountain which emulates and enhances that style. The whole point of including a water feature element in your decor style is to find something that works well with the rest of the elements, not something that necessitates removing everything else in the house due to its presence! Before you go buying a wall fountain take a look at these popular styles and what they mean.

Decorative Wall Fountains for All Seasons

Decorative wall fountains are available in numerous styles, but these usually contain elements that can be grouped together. Animal elements for instance are very popular. The choice of animal life is usually aquatic or water animals like fish, water birds, etc. The lion is an exception. You rarely see other animals represented in decorative wall fountains. Another popular style includes architectural elements like statuary and urns. These are classic in appearance and timeless in appeal. Classic or vintage themed designs are made of materials that are processed so they take on an aged or vintage appearance. These decorative wall fountains resemble antique works of art. Visit to get more of a feel for decorative wall fountains.

Children and angels are popular themes that are eternal in their appeal. Designs may include a bunch of them playing or solo figures posed. Asian inspired designs include images of bonsai plants, or calligraphy. These designs are particularly popular when creating a zen design theme in mind such as feng shui. Buddha figures are also included in this theme. The plant kingdom is also well represented with some of the most recognizable designs including the vineyard theme falling in this group. You can't really go wrong with flowery designs in water features.

Other designs for decorative wall fountains also include moving elements like a wheel that appears to move as the water flows. The sun is a prominent symbol of life and good fortune; and other celestial symbols like stars and the moon are popular too. So go ahead and choose from a plethora of choices in decorative wall fountains - you're sure to find something that complements your decor. For more ideas on uniquely designed wall fountains check out

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