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Do you have termites in your wall? Well if you do, you need to know how to find them. Although termites are an important part of nature, they are not welcome by homeowners you try to protect their homes from these horrible and devastating insects. Yes, termites work with nature to fertilized the soil and rid the world of decaying trees and rotting plant life, they are also healthy eaters of our homes. Termites do help with the wildlife, but this fact does not console the homeowner who has termite infestations. .

If you find the termites too late, the nightmare one goes through to replace and fix wood that has been compromised is devastating to homeowners. Without your knowledge, termites can live in your walls for years, eating away at your wood studs and beams and even your attic trusses.

Living in a house without the knowledge you have termites may be the end of road, since insurance does not cover termite infestations. These annoying insects can rob you blind as you sleep, watch television and clean. If the termite is in your wall, you will never see them or will you? There are some signs to look for to determine if you have termite infestations.

How can you tell if there are termites in a wall? Here are some signs to look for when determining if you have termites in your walls.

• Sandy holes, if you tap around the walls, you may see some dusty material coming from the wall. In addition, you hear the hollow sound.

• Moist areas on the wall, usually means termites are feeding inside the wall.

• If you see weakening in the walls or structural damage to the wall, you probably have termites.

With these three things to look for, you could now answer the question of how can you tell if you have termites in a wall? Without further looking, you may want to next check the basement and the attic as well as the outside soil around your home. A sure sign of termites outside are mud holes especially around trees, decks and the foundation of the house. For more info see on Knowing If You Still Have Termites.

If you find termites outside your home, you need to determine quickly if you have them inside already and if not, a preventive measure is required to prevent them from seeking out the cellulose from the wood in your home. A professional pest control will come in and give you estimates for the outside and inside of your home. This is cheaper than replacing the damaged wood in your home due to the termite infestation.



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