The Benefits Of Solar Wall Fountains


Why Solar Wall Fountains are Right for You

Solar wall fountains are becoming exceedingly popular not only with the "save the earth" population, but also with consumers in general. In these days of climate crises, green living practices are slowly expanding to touch all features of our lives, and our styles of decorating haven't been untouched. Because they are powered by the rays of the sun, solar wall fountains consume no electrical power. Even if you're of the opinion that global warming is the figment of a paranoid environmentalist's imagination, you have to admit that saving money on your electrical bill is a good thing. The lack of electrical requirements means that you can hang your solar wall fountain without the fear of dangling electrical cords that can be dangerous to kids who veer too close to them. This can sometimes be an issue when you're installing a regular wall fountain. And that's not all. Solar wall fountains are low maintenance, so you don't need to worry about time consuming cleaning procedures. They're also low on pollution - no fumes and no noise. This ease of installation and operation has led to a burgeoning demand for solar wall fountains.

How do Solar Wall Fountains Work?

The basic premise of solar wall fountains is similar to all other mechanisms that rely on solar energy to function. Solar energy involves converting solar power from the sun into electricity through a solar panel. This panel consists of Photovoltaic cells also known as PV cells which amass power. This solar powered panel in turn powers the water pump that's connected to the solar wall fountains. To see uniquely designed wall fountains check out

Installing Solar Wall Fountains

Solar wall fountains may either have their panels integrated into the body of the water feature or have it placed a distance away from the fountain. The distance can be as much as 15 feet. Mounting the panels can be done by positioning them up against a wall, propping them up against a hard surface, or by placing them in your garden. The most important consideration is the amount of exposure to direct sunlight - it should be optimal.

For those who have never experimented with solar powered gadgets, it's easy to believe that these function only when weather conditions are bright and sunny. That's not necessarily true. Solar wall fountains will continue to gush when the weather is cloudy, although the water flow may be less intense due to the reduced power generated from the sun. Learn more about the latest designs for wall fountains by visiting



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