The Benefits Of Fiberglass Wall Fountains


Fiberglass wall fountains offer the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability and affordability. These features contribute to making fiberglass one of the most popular and durable materials for water features.

Aesthetic Properties of a Fiberglass Wall Fountain

Fiberglass is a translucent material that adapts exceedingly well to illumination. By daytime it gleams in the sunlight providing a polished looking façade. At night, helped by the right lighting, it dazzles the eye. Some of the most spectacular fountains in the world are aided by the use of fiber optics technology. The end result is a breathtakingly beautiful water feature that goes beyond being a mere fountain to a gushing, splashing, gurgling, work of art. Fiberglass is also able to replicate the look of other materials like cast stone and slate to a high degree. In fact, the similarity between fiberglass wall fountains and a cast stone or stonewall fountains is almost impossible to tell unless you actually touch it! The similarity can be astounding.

A Fiberglass Wall Fountain is Light on the Wallet

Fiberglass wall fountains are also the most economical choice for those looking to add a fountain without the hefty price tags that come attached to some elaborate fountains. Fiberglass is also easy to maintain which makes these fountains high on aesthetics, but low on maintenance. Unlike materials like bronze that can equal their price in terms of heavy-duty maintenance, cleaning, and polishing, fiberglass needs no more than a quick wipe to remove dust and grime. Another reason why fiberglass is so inexpensive is its low weight. This makes it easy to fit. The installation of fiberglass wall fountains doesn’t cost as much as something like a granite fountain because the process doesn’t involve the use of heavy machinery to lift the material. The process is also quicker, saving on time. Get more ideas on fiberglass wall fountains by visiting

Your Fiberglass Wall Fountain Will Last for a Long Time

Don’t be fooled by fiberglass’ translucent texture. It’s as strong as steel. In fact, you can expect your fiberglass wall fountain to keep adding value to your interiors or your garden for many, many, years of pleasure. Fiberglass also has non-corrosive properties, which makes choosing a fiberglass wall fountain a good option for placement indoors or out.

If you’ve been putting off purchasing a fountain because of the costs involved, fiberglass could be the perfect choice for you. With innovative new technologies that add to fiberglass’ ability to imitate other more desirable looking materials like cast stone, you’re sure to find a selection of fiberglass wall fountains that are not only affordable and durable, but also aesthetic. Your design budget does not necessarily limit options in choosing accents for your design plan, a fiberglass wall fountain gives you the sophisticated look you’re seeking without the cost and cumbersome installation process of a traditional wall fountain constructed from heavier materials. Learn more about wall fountains and their many different designs and textures at

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