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In-wall speaker wire is a kind of speaker cable used for the installation of in-wall speakers. Also known as recessed ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers deliver accurate music while keeping the speakers hidden. The main advantage of installing in-wall speakers is that you can pre-wire the speaker cables into the walls. In-wall speaker wires play an important role in the quality performance of house audio systems and home theaters.

Flexibility, high performance, convenient to use, and easy installation are some of the main advantages of in-wall speaker wires. Besides, it prevents shock and minimizes the chances of smoke and fire. An in-wall speaker wire minimizes signal loss, as it is generally made from high-strand, oxygen-free copper. It is available in both 14 and 16 gauges, and consists of a pair of wires. It mostly comes with a flame-retardant jacket, which makes pulling of cable quite easy. Further, it has the application of twisted-pair conductors to pull wire without much effort. Sometimes, a fish tape is employed to make in-wall speaker wires easily run through walls and metal conduit.

In-wall speaker wires are used in almost indoor situations, and are most suitable when installing speakers in multi-room settings. Usually, specially certified wires known as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Class 3 rated in-wall speaker wires are used for the better performance of in-wall speakers, as they contain an extra sheath to protect the cable from abrasions, chemicals, fire, and temperature extremes. In-wall speaker wires are also known by different names such as direct burial wire and custom wire applications.

In-wall speaker wires have certain disadvantages as well. The labor costs of in-wall speaker wiring are relatively high. Despite its disadvantages, an in-wall speaker wire is regarded as one of the reliable measures for safe in-wall speaker installations.

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