Great Wall of China - China's Most Memorable Landmark


The Great Wall of China is one of China's most memorable landmarks. It is engrained in Chinese culture and has a lasting impression on the people. It is one of the foundations of Chinese culture. Many citizens can name some other integral parts of Chinese culture like their food, history and such.

The Great Wall lands on this list as among the top of the cultural items. The Wall was first constructed around 7 B.C. and can be traced back to some of the earliest recordings of history. It was first constructed by the feudal lords of China to protect each territory from its respective enemies and opponents. Thus, the wall can be traced to some of the earliest recordings of Chinese life as the feudal lords.

The Great Wall can then be traced back to times when the China was becoming unified and more structured. Ming was the one who initiated the unification and bolstering of the structure of the Great Wall of China. Even today, the Great Wall still stands and is among the pinnacle of Chinese culture. It is rare to see a person coming to China and not stepping upon the Great Wall of China.

Not only is it a favorite among visitors but it is also popular among citizens. It is a frequent family destination. Also, there is even a marathon along the Great Wall for people to run on and benefit charity organizations. It doesn't take much for one to look at the magnificence of the Great Wall of China to realize that the structure is integral in the Chinese way of life.

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