Decorating A Kids Room In A Theme With Self Adhesive Wall Paper Borders


Self adhesive wall paper borders are great for decorating a kids room in a theme but applied in the wrong way and you could be calling in DIY SOS!!!

This article will take you through the steps of how to apply self adhesive wall paper borders for kids to your childs bedroom without tears before bedtime…….

The first thing you should always do when applying self adhesive wall paper borders to your kids bedroom wall is give it a good old clean. You should concentrate on cleaning the areas of your child’s wall where the border is to be placed and make sure it free of any dust and grease.

If you have just painted your child’s bedroom wall it may feel dry but leave it a couple of days to make sure it is dry.

When the bedroom wall is dry (and only when it is dry!), measure up the wall and roughly mark out where the border is to go. This is only a guide so don’t take too much time drawing exact lines all the way along the wallpaper, little dashes along the bedroom wall will suffice.

Right, now the boring preparation work is out of the way let the fun begin! Take your chosen self adhesive wall paper border and peel about 20cm off the roll and place it horizontally straight on the wall.

Use the markings that you made earlier on your kids bedroom wall to unroll the self adhesive wall paper border keeping it straight. Whilst applying your self adhesive wall paper border use your hand to smooth out any bubbles or creases.

Congratulations you have just livened up your child’s bedroom and put yourself in contention for parent of the year!

Colin Sidaway is the owner of Duvets and Curtains Direct an online shop that specialise in Curtains for a Kids Room and a Wallpaper Borders for Kids.

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