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In-wall surround sound speaker is one of the different types of in-wall speakers. In-wall speaker are an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy music by keeping their speakers hidden. In contrast to conventional speakers, an in-wall speaker offers many benefits such as cost effectiveness, compatibility, easy installation, and flexibility. Further, it does not occupy any floor space and can be placed across any flat surface including ceilings. It is most suitable in multi-room settings. Other names for in-wall speakers are in-ceiling speaker and recessed ceiling speakers.

A recent addition in the field of in-wall speakers, in-wall surround sound speaker systems form a perfect match for your home décor. The primary purpose of an in-wall surround sound speaker is to enhance home theater audio system, thereby providing non-intrusive enjoyment by keeping the speakers invisible. Its advantages, among many others, are high quality, outstanding performance, perfect sound, space saving, easy placement, sleek design, and versatility. In-wall surround sound speakers are most ideal in a home theater environment.

In-wall speakers with surround speaker system can be referred to as an audio system that involve the application of subwoofers, volume controls, cables, and two or more speakers including a rear speaker. Generally, surround sound speaker systems are available in two designs: monopole and bipole. Matrix sound and discrete sound are among the prime technologies employed for the performance of surround speaker system.

In-wall surround sound speaker system also has some disadvantages. Since it has static position, in-wall surround sound speaker systems sometimes lead to poor accuracy. Further, its installation cost is high. Another factor that affects the proper functioning of in-wall surround sound speakers is diffraction loss.

At present, a range of in-wall surround speakers coupled with advanced technologies are available according to the budget, need, and style of the customers.

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