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This article will focus on only a few types of wall clocks on the market Ever since the clock was invented someone has come up with a different or unique way to package the basic clock. Today we find so many styles, shape, and sizes it is hard to keep track. The following types I will cover are :

Novelty Clocks – Novelty clocks are those clocks that are fashioned after a particular theme. They can take on such shapes as animals, {bears, lions, dogs, etc…} fruit, lighthouses, the grim reaper or even a steering wheel. Clocks of this nature are both amusing and fun to collect.

Decorative Wall Clocks – The clocks in this category are usually more practical. The numerous varieties of wall clocks include but are not limited to apple shaped, jukebox style, guitar shaped, playing card clocks, and clocks that also double as a calendars. As you could imagine there are to many to list here.

Religious Theme Clocks_- This variety of wall clocks are usually beautiful pictures of a religious nature or of inspirational sayings or poems. These clocks utilize small quartz clocks with the picture or poem used as the background, they also come in many shapes and sizes.

Sport Theme Clocks - Sport theme clocks are also collectible clocks in nature. As with the other clocks mentioned in this article they too come in many themes. You can find these clocks to support your favorite sports teams, {football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and racing etc…} Hunting, Fishing, or a shadow box wall clock depicting your favorite sport {golf, fishing, hunting, football, baseball, etc…} it’s all up to you.

I have only represented a few of the different types of Wall Clocks available to anyone looking for a special gift or to start a collection of your very own. When you start your search for that special clock, remember to be as specific as possible when typing your search. Try to avoid being to general by typing just clocks, remember there are numerous themes out there so be specific. I’m sure that if you have a favorite animal, fruit, religious saying or picture, Nascar driver, sports team, or spooky character, I am certain someone has designed that special clock for your enjoyment. Good luck in your search.

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