Wall Lighting to Light up your Home


When decorating or redecorating your home, creating space and boundaries should be one of the first things that you should take care of. Other than the fact that it's one of the easiest things to get out of the way, it's also one of the more fun aspects. Easily achieved just by using lights such as wall sconces and wall lamps, creating the mood and atmosphere you desire is just a light switch away.

Usually, wall sconces are placed along the walls of hallways or flanking doorways, adding light to areas of the home where it may be needed most. Nowadays, it's even alright to place a wall sconce or two in places like bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Installing a couple wall sconces in your bathroom in place of vanity lights or track lighting will create an open air, yet tranquil ambiance while without compromising on luminosity.

The beauty about wall lighting in general is that most are designed as directional lights, which basically means they're either upward facing, downward facing, or diagonal lights. Wall sconces are generally designed as such. But if it's reading lights or adjustable lighting that you're looking for, then perhaps you should consider investing in wall lamps. Wall lamps function the same way a wall sconce does, except most are designed to be adjustable, either extending out and away from the wall or alongside it. Usually designed to work as reading lamps, wall lamps are situated lower on the wall unlike its wall sconce counterpart. Of course, you could easily utilize a wall lamp in place of a wall sconce in hallways and dining rooms.

But whether it's for lighting up a dim hallway, creating a tranquil environment for your washroom, or just adding a subtle touch of style with lighting, wall sconces and wall lamps will easily establish the space and boundaries that you're looking for. Just by using lighting alone, adding energy to any room in your home is as easy as flipping on a switch.

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