The Great Wall of Mexico


Congress has approved the Great Wall of Mexico, a 700-mile wall to keep out the illegal aliens and illegal immigrants from the United States of America. This is because our Constitution calls on our Government to Protect the American People from all foreign invaders. Illegal Aliens are foreigners and they are invading by the millions.

Some believe that there maybe 24-million illegal immigrants or illegal aliens in our nation right now. Personally, after looking at all the information and data, I believe that the 24-million number is indeed accurate.

If you will recall many walls between civilizations have been built in human history. The Great Wall of China was such an undertaking of monumental proportions. And where as the Great Wall of Mexico will be a lot less of a structure it will be 700-miles long and it is meant to do the job too.

The Great Wall of Mexico maybe a little late considering the 24-million illegal aliens are already here in the United States and the cost to build this wall is astronomical indeed. It is a major infrastructure project. But will it be enough? It makes you wonder what was the Great Wall of China trying to keep out anyway; illegal entrants or dinosaurs?

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