Use Your Tapestry Wall Hanging With Care


When you place tapestries in your home then it would create a lovely environment as they create warmth and add color to your room. When you place a tapestry wall hanging on your home wall then it makes a great focus point and it alters the entire character of your room. Previously, people used to use a tapestry for the purpose of providing insulation during the cold winter months. Later on, people began to make it a habit of placing tapestries in their homes and then it became a sign of wealth and fame. People used to decorate their homes with tapestries with great pictures and rich shades. At that time, tapestries usually had pictures of historical happenings or great hunts. The tapestries were also thorough as they had the pictures of all events and people displayed on them.

As tapestries are made from fabric, you will have to take extra precaution to preserve them. When you are hanging the tapestry, make sure that you use a rod so that the weight is allocated to the entire piece of fabric. You do not want to add any more weight to the tapestry, as that can affect the warp fibers. Only place a rod at the top and do not add any weight in the bottom. Moreover, the place you intend to hang it must be one where direct sunlight can not reach. This is because the tapestry’s fibers can fade and the fabric may become weak when it comes in contact with direct sunlight all the time. You will discover that a large number of tapestries, that were made hundred of years back, still exist because they were properly cared for.

The tapestry can be great for your home if you have an appropriate location to hang it and you are prepared to take proper care of it to preserve it. You can check out the different kinds of tapestries from the internet and imagine how each of them would look in your home.

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