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When you buy a new item, the first thing you should ask yourself is, "where will I keep this in my home". The reason many peoples homes are disorganized is that they can't answer this question. The reason they can't answer it may be because their house is so cluttered that there is no room left to store anything new. If they are generally neat, they may genuinely feel they do not have enough storage space.

If You've Got Empty Wall Space, You've Got Room for Wall Shelves

If you've been thinking of investing in more storage space be it a shed outside or a costly redecorating project, take a second look at your home. If you've got some empty space on the walls you can easily put up wall shelves.

I love storing things on wall shelves. They keep clutter out of the way and make it easy to see the things you use frequently. Before you go shopping for shelves, take inventory of your things and your home. Will you be storing heaving things or light things? Are they things you need to get to frequently or infrequently? How much do you need to store? Answer the last question only after doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of all your unnecessary items.

Take a good look around to see where you can add a wall shelf. The corners in the living room are great places for decorative corner shelves where you can place a framed picture or display that nice vase you've had sitting in the closet. Wall shelves in your home office are a must. I have my scanner, printer and router on a shelf above my computer. I have a couple more shelves above that for binders and other books and supplies.

Wall Shelves are Indispensable For Your Storage Needs

Wall shelves are indispensable when you have a lack of storage space for infrequently used items. Add some shelves high up on the wall of your laundry room to store suitcases and holiday decorations. Even the space over the door can be used for storage. If there's enough clearance, you have room for a shallow shelf.

There are several guidelines for buying shelves. Make sure they are not too deep and that the height between them is appropriate. Keep things on the shelves stored in easy to remove containers for one motion removal and for ease of cleaning the shelf. Be creative and you'll figure out how to store all your possessions with the help of wall shelves.

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Your post is really helpful. Wall shelves are good alternatives to add more storage space into your house.


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