Antique Wall Pockets Can Fill Your Pockets With Cash


When is a pocket not a pants pocket? That is the case when they are wall pockets. Also known as wall vases, wall pockets are one of the most attractive and functional types of wall art. If you want to add style and color to the walls of your house, then consider a wall pocket. These pieces have a long history and provide home decorators will a wide variety of options from which to choose.


Though still available today, wall pockets were most popular between the 1940s and 1950s. However, when their popularity with homemakers dropped, wall pockets made their homes in antique shops, for quite a while. However, both collectors and dealers have become interested in these vintage pieces. The most sought-after pieces have been rare wall pocket pieces and pottery pieces.

Some of the most popular wall pocket producers are Rookwood, Roseville, and Weller. All of these companies are pottery companies. In the many cases, the lines of wall pockets that they manufactured have become quite popular and valuable. Depending on the style, pattern, and condition of the wall pocket, the value of such wall pockets can range from about $50-$1200.


Unfortunately, reproductions of metal wall pockets are somewhat commonplace in the pottery business. Wall pockets are not an exception. In particular, companies tend to replicate the Roseville units most often. The good news is that the decorations on reproductions tend to be obviously phony. However, you should always be vigilant for imitations. In particular, be VERY cautious when dealing with dealers who you do not know personally.


While the aforementioned "Big Three" wall pocket manufacturers produced the priciest units, thousands of classic styles appeared until the 1950s. They included:

• bells
• butterflies
• flowers
• fruits
• irons
• parrots
• teacups

Until fairly recently, "generic" wall pockets from countries such as China, Japan, and Germany, were somewhat obscure. However, that has changed. Nevertheless, while the demand for such wall pockets has increased, the values of the "generic" units are still significantly less than those that Weller, Roseville, and Rookwood produced.


What are other factors in determining the value of wall pockets, such as metal wall pockets? You can typically secure wall pockets made in huge numbers, or unsigned units, for roughly $20-$30.

Other factors can also cause variations in the values of similar pieces from the same manufacturer. These differences include different styles within the same series, and various glaze variations of the same wall pocket piece. For instance, certain wall pocket pieces from the same manufacturer can vary significantly based on a slight color variance!

The best way to objectively compare and contrast wall pocket pieces is by using a reference book. Thus, when you are shopping for wall pockets, you will have a standard by which to compare pieces and prices.

When selecting large wall decor, consider wall pockets. They are not only attractive, but could also fill your pocket...with cash!

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