How To Mount A Plasma TV On A Plaster Wall


After purchasing a plasma or LCD television as well a corresponding wall mounting kit, determining the wall on which to mount it, and making sure all of the necessary tools are available, the next step in mounting the television to a plaster wall is to choose the exact spot on the wall where the mount should be attached.

It is absolutely essential that the television mount is placed in a spot that has a stud or studs directly behind it. Anchor bolts will be used to secure the mount to the stud(s).

Obviously, a plaster wall alone cannot support the weight of a plasma or LCD mount and television, and at least one stud is necessary to ensure that the mount and the television are safely installed. Anchoring the mounting unit to two studs is more secure than using just one, so if there is a location on the wall where two studs are located and can both be used for the installation of the mount, this spot should be seriously considered for the placement.

Beginning the Installation:
It is recommended that the mounting kit be opened and the instruction and installation manual be thoroughly read and understood prior to beginning the installation process. Make sure that all the pieces are present and that all the necessary tools are within reach. Every brand and model television mount is slightly different from the next, so it’s important to follow the directions that come with the one that will be used.

Even if the instruction manual does not list this first, it’s a good idea to place the mounting rails into position on the back of the plasma or LCD television that will eventually end up on the wall. This will help ensure that the television will sit on the wall in its originally intended place. (Sometimes the brackets end up pushing the television up or down an inch or two. If the brackets are put in place first, a better placement estimation can be determined.)

Next, it’s time to mark the wall with indicators as to where the anchor bolts will be drilled into the wall. In addition, the locations where the cable will go from the television to the electrical outlet should also be notated on the wall.

After drilling holes where the anchor bolts will be placed and cutting out spots on the wall where the cable will enter and exit the wall, the next step is to the get the mount ready to affix with the anchors.

Prior to tightening the bolts, make sure that everything is nice and even, using a level. If everything looks good, it’s time to tighten the bolts so that the mount is fastened very snugly to the wall.

After fishing the cable from the cut hole near the mount down (or up) to the electricity source, the television can be added to the mount. Since many plasma and LCD televisions are extremely heavy, it’s recommended that at least two people help to lift it to the mount. After this is completed, all of the cables can be attached to the television, and the television can finally be turned on.

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