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Wall plaques are perfect for adding character to any space. You can choose from existing wall plaque designs to complement the space's deign elements, or have one custom-made. There are two types of wall plaques, outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor wall plaques can be used as either garden accents or emblems for family crests. Some people have the first letter of the family surname engraved in a wall plaque for displaying on either the gates or strategic points in the garden. But the most common outdoor wall plaques are actually address plaques that usually bear the full surname and the address. Some homeowners even use decorative stepping stones as wall plaques. This is a great idea especially if the stepping stones are made of quality materials. Such plaques can tie in the whole look of the outdoor space.

Outdoor wall plaques are likewise popular as historical signage. They can carry information on when a certain building was constructed, for example, or the date when a certain business was established. Many companies also use outdoor wall plaques to display their company name and address, and even as directional posts for visitors.

Indoor wall plaques are usually used as corporate plaques or commemorative plaques from sporting events and educational institutions. Many companies award indoor plaques to its most productive employees.

Wall plaques can likewise be used as decorative elements, especially if they are hand-painted or hand-stained in wood. Artistically-designed and hand-finished wall plaques made of brass, stone, resin or marble also make great decorations. You can personalize them for your home or give them as housewarming or wedding presents.

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