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The history of wall mural paintings is rich and complex. They go back for centuries and started as a form of communication in caves. As their artists evolved so did their message and purpose. Wall mural paintings became a way to convey political messages as they focused people’s attention on society’s issues. Murals have continued to evolve not only in their purpose but their uses and sometime around the turn of the 20th century they became an addition to people’s homes and were used as home décor.

Murals are large-scale scenes or paintings applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other flat surfaces. Wall mural paintings must be applied to smooth, non-textured surfaces. Their primary purpose is to enhance the look, feel and spaciousness of a room. They can make a small room look bigger, give a room a magical view or showcase your favorite person, place or thing.

Wall mural paintings create visual effects that can be enticing, tranquil, awe-inspiring, exciting, etc. In my opinion they are one of the most cost efficient ways to brighten a room while maximizing your ability to personalize a space. At their core, murals are an extension of your personality, interests, visual likes and dislikes, etc. They add a personal touch to a room or space that is authenticate and creative.

Your wall mural painting not only adds value to your home or office, but, in some cases, can transform a room and transport your heart, soul and mind to a different time and place. They’re so much more than decoration when you talk to people who own and love them! They end up being something that is adored and appreciated, not to mention, a fabulous conversation starter!

So, what would you like your mural to be? A magical place? Your favorite hobby? Your favorite person? A certain theme? Once you get your idea and settle on a specific visual, you are ready to either paint it yourself or sit down with a professional muralist and get the project started.

As a professional muralist whose been painting for 20+ years, I have painted everything from nursery rooms to dens to kitchens to garage doors. The only detail that I would remind you about is the fact that murals, due to their size and scope, tend to be permanent once they are hung so be sure it’s something you love and want to live with for a while (see my articles on wall paper murals for a non-permanent solution for wall mural paintings).

Wall mural paintings are more than art, more than decoration…they represent life, love, happiness, energy, excitement, tranquility, basically any human emotion that matters. Don’t forget that murals started as a way communicate messages and still do to this day! What’s your message? Just like Michelangelo and all the great master painters who pioneered this craft, wall murals are pieces of magic and portals to people, places or things that we absolutely love and dream about!

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