Easy Wall Stenciling


People have been stenciling their walls for centuries we see proof of this on early cave walls and the traditions still carried out today. Stenciling is a traditional decorative touch the perfectly complements the craftsman style décor. There are two basic forms of stenciling done today The first is more traditional where a pattern is carried out all around the room and the pattern is repeated over and over again. The second style of stenciling is a more random approach this technique would be considered a more modern way of stenciling and maybe use any kids room where you may stencil cartoon characters per say around the room in a random pattern.

When doing a traditional stencil with pattern repeats itself around the room you want to be very careful in need to spend some time planning to lay out before you actually began. You’ll need to first decide how high you want to stencil to be. In order to keep the stencil inline all we’re on the room there are two options the first option is to use it a laser level. They laser level will shine a laser light hallway around the room this is really excellent for fast setup. The next step and layout would be to Layout pattern is necessary to do this and more to get the proper spacing to do not run into in the awkward or weird pattern to when you run into corners or windows. You do not wear run into the corner only have room for half of your stencil.

Even with a random stencil pattern is still a good idea to lay it out just so you can visualize the pattern in full size as much easier to make changes at this point that after you have actually painted the stencil.

You will need a pattern, a stencil brush and stencil paint. All three can be found at your local craft store. You can easily make your own stencil pattern. To you and need some stenciling paper and you can either Free hand for trace patterns that have been cut out from pictures to make your custom stencil. A good stenciling brush is also necessary These can usually be picked up around $10.00 you will want to match up the brush size To the stencil that you are using me for using a small stencil the new one a small brush a larger stencil require a larger brush. The plaint used for stenciling can be of almost any variety of I prefer to use artist acrylics paint for stenciling.

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