Wall Art Lighting


As more homeowners redirect their entertainment budgets away from nightlife and invest increasingly larger sums of money in decorating their homes for entertainment, art wall decoration captures more and more of the design market. Wall art lighting equipment must remain unobtrusive at all times and still provide adequate illumination to showcase the artwork itself. Wall art lighting installation must therefore be approached with flexibility and minimalism foremost in mind, as wall art itself constitutes a broad spectrum of creative forms and tends to reflect the personal and individual sensibilities of the homeowner. While any Google lighting search will make multitudes of wall art lights and accessories instantly available for online purchase, installing these devices correctly with maximum results is best accomplished with a team of professionals trained and experience in this arena.

The foremost challenge to meet when lighting art wall is even distribution of light in measurements proportionate to the art pieces themselves. Casting too much light on the wall creates glare that overwhelms artistic detail and reduces the collection to the level of near fixtures. Conversely, correct lighting of wall art avoids glare by softly and evenly distributing illumination in a fashion that accents color, form, and interrelationships between works. A lighting designer can help you strike this subtle balance with skillful positioning of wall washers that emphasize vertical space, art forms themselves, and create the perception that the room is actually much larger than it is.

If your passion lies with paintings and prints, then you will quickly realize that generic electrical outlets and wall art lighting accessories simply won’t fit the bill. Plugging a light directly into a standard outlet will expose the light cord to open view and distract the eye away from the pictures themselves. We often get calls from people who do their homework, find out exactly what wall art lights they need to highlight their collection, and make wise and cost effective purchases on their own. Then they realize upon returning home that they forgot to consider the problematics of plugging the lights into the wall without creating conspicuous nuisance. At this point they call us, and we help them by complementing their equipment purchases with top-quality accessories We install recessed switched electrical outlets to power your wall art lighting, allowing your pictures to fit flat against the wall, conceal the outlet itself, and receive illumination from a well-positioned, unobtrusive picture light installed strategically above the frame.

Of course, the wide variety of wall art available favored by today’s eclectic homeowner calls for more than simple light or darkness options. To control the actual aesthetic of your prized collection, you need more control than a simple on/off switch provides. Wall art lighting configured with dimmer controls allows you to fine tune brightness levels to showcase color, unique painting styles, avant garde design work, and unique forms of sculptures. Home automation specialists can also provide excellent consulting services and technical support in this arena. They can either install individual wall art lights with manual dim light controls, or they can network them into the greater infrastructure of a home automation system. Such versatility allows you to create wash lighting effects in long hallways that work better than typical spot lighting to collectively illuminate a series of pieces like special edition prints or theme photography work.

If you are decorating rooms with sloped or vaulted ceilings and need special equipment to support your lighting layout, knowledge of construction and architecture is also necessary to deliver a custom solution without complication, property damage, or cost variable surprises. If you are serious about wall art lighting, always check with a lighting design firm before you begin making new equipment purchases, and definitely contract a professional before attempting to install any lighting fixtures or controls yourself.



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