Why Are Wall Decals Better Than Other Forms of Wall Decorations?


Wall decals, also commonly known as wall-stickers are designs available in self-adhesive vinyl sticker form, to be pasted on walls, or any smooth surfaces for that matter. These are available in various designs, sizes, and colors, and can also be customized as per one's taste and preferences.

There are a lot of advantages in using wall decals. One of the strongest reasons why people prefer using these stickers is because they are easy to apply, and can be removed with equal ease as and when required. Unlike other forms of wall decoration, wall stickers do not cause any damage to the surfaces they are applied on, and hence, will not create the burden of additional cost of repair or renovation. These serve as perfect decor options for those who stay in dorms, rented apartments, hostels etc., wherein one is not allowed to mess up the walls with anything permanent.

Then of course, wall-stickers are hassle-free, and are very eco-friendly. Unlike painting and texturing, which can turn out to be quite tedious, as well as harmful for the environment, decals are a lovely decor solution causing no problems at all. When one is looking at transforming the look of a room quickly, all one needs to do is just apply these wall stickers in a creative fashion, and the room gets a new feel altogether within no time at all! Perfect for a surprise, right?

Customized wall decals can be used in commercial spaces, such as offices and shop windows for branding and promotion of a company. These are perfect materials for decoration, as they can be removed or changed periodically, as per the latest offers by the company, and one does not have to spend too much money in changing the shop window look.

Decals are available separately in various designs and object forms, such as trees, clouds, cartoon characters, plants, flowers, butterflies, graffiti designs, faces of famous people etc. Sometimes, large decals are available in a complete scene form, such as a forest scene, a playground scene etc. One can also mix and match several individual decals to create a complete scene.

Overall, these stickers are a wonderful alternative to wallpapers and other forms of wall art. They are:

- Cost-Effective
- Quick To Apply
- Capable of being Customized
- Hassle Free
- Damage Free

The best part is that one can change their decor every few months with these decals!

Understanding IP Rating on Bathroom Wall Lights


As you know bathrooms have the potential to get very damp while you are bathing so ensuring that your bathroom wall lights are not going to let in water you should understand the IP rating system before buying. The IP rating system consists of the letters IP which precede two numbers. IP stands for ingress protection, or in other words, how resistant the fitting is to letting things in. Typically bathroom wall lights need to meet a certain level of protection from water, steam and dust. This ensures the light stays clean and hygienic, as well as keeping the electrical circuits safe.

The two numbers included in each IP rating refer to their level of protection against letting the above examples into the light fitting. The first digit refers to the dust resistance of the light with the second digit referring to the water resistance. The standard for bathroom wall lights is a rating of IP44. This gives the light a safety level to go anywhere in a bathroom within zones 1, 2 or 'not zoned'. Zone 1 is the area directly above the bath so obviously this is where the majority of the steam is going to meet the light.

Zone 2 refers to a 0.6m perimeter around the bath as well as any sinks, this zone also includes any lighting placed within a height of 2.25m from the floor. Finally there is a not zoned area which is anywhere in the bathroom outside of zones 1 and 2, this was previously referred to as zone 3. The lighting in this area does not require a specific IP rating, however some lights may state they are not suitable for bathroom use.

You will find that although most bathroom wall lights would be placed in zones 2 or 3 they are designed to withstand the higher moisture areas of zone 1, directly above the bath. This should give you piece of mind when choosing your bathroom wall lights.

The higher IP65 rating should be used if the lighting will be subject to any water jets, perhaps for cleaning; this higher rating is designed to keep the light safe with direct contact with water.

If a light is rated IP67 or above this means the light is completely submergible up to 1 metre, this rating would refer to lights placed inside the bath or shower itself. This area is referred to as zone 0 as direct contact with water is a certainty. For lighting which will be submerged deeper than this for use in swimming pools the rating should be IP68.

Make Life Worth Living Again With Vinyl Wall Quotes


Have you recently had the feeling that your walls are looking down on you? There's a reason for that, and it's not just because they've been noticing all the spots you miss while dusting. Just look at your poor walls, cold, quiet, forlorn, unable to express itself in any other way than with a velvet painting of dogs playing poker that it's been holding up for seven-and-a-half years. Were it not for their complete lack of a mouth and the psychological trauma your walls would have cried out for help a long time ago.

Fortunately there's a quick, stylish and affordable way you can show your walls some love. Decorating with vinyl wall quotes will have that previously-bare surface communicating the artistry, humor and/or emotions that make up a dwelling and the people who inhabit it. Your wall quote can be like an exotic tattoo for your home or like the elegant brushstrokes of an Italian Renaissance artisan brought back from the dead. With wall decals, you are the interior decorator and your wall's fate rests in your hands.

Don't be surprised about how awesome life becomes after you add some zest to your favorite partition with vinyl wall quotes. Your friends will marvel at how you ever found the scratch to acquire such expensive precision artistry to adorn, say, the area above your sea monkey aquarium, and they will undoubtedly gush endlessly about you on Facebook. As word spreads, long lost loves may reconnect with you, and wealthy distant relatives could end up putting you down on the inheritance for a Maserati. Or maybe now you'll just have a really cool-looking and inspiring surface to stare off at. Far be it for us to limit what wonders the future could have in store for you.

Unlike plutonium, there are almost no rules when it comes to what you can do with vinyl wall quotes. Need something classy to add to your dining room or for the fog-enshrouded dungeon where you keep those in your employ? Maybe you want to display your favorite quote from grandma in your karate dojo, or give your favorite canine friend something to read inside their doghouse. Wall decals are nearly as limitless as your imagination - you can choose from a large selection of styles or contact a custom design shop to recreate that image you could not get out of your mind while you were drunk last night.

After you pick out or custom design your wall quotes with the help of a designer, the difficult part begins. Waiting for your order to arrive! Once the order is there, it will only take about five minutes to install the vinyl wall quotes and everyone will be impressed with your design aptitude! Even though the decals are painfully easy to install, feel free to celebrate as if you've just completed a day-long labor-intensive project.

Importance of Wall Art for Guest Room


Wall art is a great way to decorate your rooms of homes and offices. The best part is that you can find thousands of options when you go out to shop for wall art in the budget and size you look to have. In all probability the first place you buy a wall art piece or a painting is your drawing room or lobby area which gives you a sense of boastful feeling both for you and your visitors. After you are done with wall decor of your drawing rooms and lobby the first thing you should consider beyond that is to decorate the wall of your guest room or the famously known the third room.

How often did you find yourself in a room of someone you recently visited and stayed in, as a place that looks like a store despite being in good size. Well if we ask someone who is a regular they shall certainly nod their head. The reason is simple, bare walls not only look shabby and untidy but also give the feeling as if the room is not occupied by anyone and hence an emptiness which leaves a very negative effect on how your guest feels.

Always remember your guest shall never complaint you of this awful feeling since they too might not really figure out as to why the room you gave them looked so gloomy and sad. wall art is your answer to this problem as what you can get from it is more than what it does in your lobby and drawing room area. It brings in the charm and livelihood inside the room that is not really occupied for a long time or mainly used to store stuff not required in daily life. Thus by using wall art in the guest room you could easily lift the environment of the room in a spiffy.

After figuring out the importance of wall in guest rooms, which you had been ignoring since a long time, one is always confused as to what type of wall art or design should be put inside the room. There are some basic points that are to be avoided which are mainly, avoid religious art and paintings in the guest room since you never know who comes to stay at your place. Secondly, do not put up very small pieces of art since this room shall not be a part of your daily dusting and day care hence catching up with lots fo dust in the middle of the small framed art hung on the walls.

While deciding for some great wall art try browsing some good art prints and posters online which could be a great product to put up. With vast variety of art prints know available online in India you shall never have any difficulty in choosing the wall art that shall look stunningly beautiful as well as inviting to your guests. Do not hesitate to choose what you like, since you can never figure out what your visitors generally like. Thus it is best adivced to choose something that is of your intrest but you could not have used it in other areas of your home due to reasons beyond your control.

As per suggestion for wall art to be put in guest rooms, floral art prints and abstracts of large size the ones greater than 24 inches can do wonderful in a guest room. Avoid using movie posters inside your guest room since they do not resonate well with all age groups.

In your quest to make your home beautiful do not loose the importance of wall in your guest rooms.

Large Wall Fountains - An Ideal Addition To The Walls Of Your Rooms


Water fountains are widely preferred by many individuals for decorative purpose. You can add a touch of serenity to your living rooms and outdoor spaces with different types of water fountains. Water fountains are widely known for their relaxing powers. You can enjoy a calm and peaceful environment with these exclusive establishments. You can also reduce your mental stress with these naturally modified accessories. Water fountains are available in many sizes and designs in the market.

Large wall fountains can help you in enjoying a tranquil atmosphere in your living rooms and dining hall. You can beautify the walls of your living rooms in a dramatic manner with creative wall cascades. wall water fountains are brilliant art pieces by which you can enhance the looks of your home interiors. wall water cascades are of many types. Some of the most popular types of large wall fountains are listed below.

1. Nojoqui Falls Large Wall Fountains

They are the most popular types of wall fountains by which you can add visual appeal to your living rooms, guest room and dining hall. Nojoqui wall water cascades are made from good quality materials like marble, stone, ceramic, steel, copper, aluminum and earthenware. You can add life and energy to your dull indoor spaces with these exclusive establishments. Nojoqui wall water springs are large in size and you must select a perfect location for installing them.

2. Summit Falls Wall Fountains

Summit wall fountains are pretty expensive because they are made from natural materials like ceramic, stainless steel and copper. They can be maintained easily. You must always fix your budget before buying them for your home and office spaces. You can also decorate these accessories with small LED bulbs. Summit falls wall water springs are the perfect art pieces by which you can add serenity to your personal rooms and drawing rooms.

3. Deep Creek Falls wall Water Cascades

Deep creek wall water springs are available in many designs and sizes in the market. You can also buy them online. Deep creek wall water springs can be the brilliant addition to your home and office spaces. You must install these establishments at proper places. You must also install them carefully and if you are facing any problem, then you can take the help of professionals.

4. Large Marble Wall Fountains

Large marble fountains are made from natural materials like marble, ceramic and stone. They are available in many designs and sizes in the market. You must take proper care of these establishments. You can also improve the efficiency of these equipments with regular lubrication practices. Many individuals buy them for promoting their business. You can create a lasting impression on your clients and employees with these majestic master pieces.

Indoor Wall Fountains - Add Charm And Grace To The Walls Of Your Living Rooms


Naturally inspired decors are becoming more and more popular these days. You can add life and diversity to your home spaces with water fountains. Many different varieties of water fountains are available in the market. Water fountains can also help you in creating a soothing environment in your living rooms. Well, I would like to tell you that water featured accessories are widely known for their healing powers. You can reduce your mental stress with these exclusive art pieces.

Indoor wall fountains are very much in demand these days. Many individuals are purchasing these creative art pieces for decorating their indoor spaces. You can add beauty to the walls of your rooms with indoor wall fountains. Indoor wall fountains are made from good quality materials like marble, stone and copper. You can also maintain them easily. Wall fountains can help you in enhancing the ambiance of your living rooms and workplaces. You can also raise your living standard with these attractive art pieces.

Indoor wall springs can help you in reducing indoor pollution. These water featured accessories are capable of absorbing all the impurities and dust particles that are present in the surroundings. You can also enjoy many health benefits with these naturally modified decors. Selecting the right wall fountain for your indoor space is not easy. You need to consider some basic aspects before purchasing these decors for your home and office spaces.

1. Material

Quality of indoor wall fountains varies from brand to brand. You must always search for the best option. Wall water cascades are strong and durable because they are made from stone, copper, marble, clay and earthenware. You can also consult professionals before purchasing these furnishings.

2. Physical Appearance(Design, Size, Texture and Color)

Indoor wall fountains are available in many different sizes, designs and colors. You must always buy them according to your indoor decoration schemes. You can take the help of online websites also. Indoor wall water springs are comprised with creative designs and striking textures. You can decorate the walls of your personal rooms, dining halls and guest rooms with these creative establishments.

3. Budget

Wall water cascades are available at various price rates in the market. You must always fix your budget before purchasing them for your home and office spaces. You can also shop for them online. Many websites provide attractive discount offers to the customers.

4. Efficiency

Different fountain models have different features. You must always select those fountain models which contain advanced features. You can take the help of professionals if you are facing any problem.

Pretty Hello Kitty Wall Stickers To Decorate The Walls In Your Child's Room


Delight your children with attractive hello kitty wall stickers in their rooms. These cute felines always succeed in melting anyone's heart! Little girls will adore the feminine shades and glittering designs that the wall decals come in. Liven up your kid's room and turn it into a cool place to be with cute designs of hello kitty on the walls.

One of the best things about the hello kitty wall decals is that they won't leave residue on the walls. Simply pick the sizes which you require, large or small, and transform the nursery into a sweet paradise for your child. Hello kitty can be so much fun to work with when you're expecting a baby.

You can remove and re-stick the hello kitty bedroom stickers however you please! In case you happen to get tired of the pattern on the walls, all you need to do is peel the stickers off and reposition them, perhaps on a different wall. Think of the endless design options possible with removable wall stickers! Non toxic and eco friendly, you don't need to think twice about using them in a room for a baby.

Because of their appeal, hello kitty stickers are quite popular for use on the walls of children's hospitals and clinics. They are also used at dentists' clinics to add a dash of cheerfulness to the place. Apply them onto mirrors, book covers, laptop covers and lockers ad personalize your belongings! Let your imagination loose and use them on metal, wood, ceramics and plastic.

The hello kitty wall appliques are easy to clean; the surface can be wiped with a wet cloth without affecting the color or shine of the wall decals. They are durable as well, and last very long. They can not only be used indoors, but outdoors as well, on a tree house for example. As long as the surface is flat, they adhere onto just about anything!

Hello kitty wall graphics always seem to brighten up the atmosphere of a room! It's exactly what one needs to create a soothing, happy environment for children. The characters of hello kitty are popular with everyone. Soft shades of pink, lavender and blue when used on the stickers will look lovely on walls. When it comes to finishes, you have a choice between glossy and matte.

Avoid unnecessary expenditures on costly wall art when you can opt for gorgeous hello kitty wall decals at reasonable prices. These wall stickers portray hello kitty and friends in such adorable ways. Being very simple to apply, it requires no additional tools. Simply peel the backing paper off and press it firmly onto the wall. Within seconds, the entire room will be transformed.

As decorative themes for classrooms, hello kitty wall stickers can be a great addition. Since they can be viewed and ordered online, there are no hassles of having to browse stores to find the perfect hello kitty stickers. Wider choices of colors and styles are available on the internet. Besides, you benefit from the convenience of having them delivered to your doorstep.

Using Removable Wall Stickers To Decorate A Child’s Room


Decorating a child’s room can be a difficult task. Wall stickers can be extremely useful when decorating a child’s room especially removable wall stickers. The advantage of using removable stickers is that they are easy to put on and to peel off. They are also reusable. Once peeled off, they can be placed back on. Removable wall stickers can be used in many different circumstances.

Different Uses of Removable Stickers
Sometimes you might need to move around your children from one room to another especially when families are becoming larger. In such cases, you can move their decorations with them. This is why it is advisable to consider using removable wall stickers from the start so that if you are ever in such a situation where you need to move your children around from one room to another, you do not need to reinvest in wall stickers. Instead you can use the ones that are in their old rooms. Another situation in which removable wall stickers can be used is when you need to move to a new house. Some children are attached to their room decorations and when moving to another house, they might want to take all of their room decorations along for their new room. Moving into a new house might seem strange to a child. Being in a new environment might be hard for him to adapt to; however, if he has some memories of his old environment it might help him to adapt quicker. In such cases, his old wall stickers might be of some comfort to him. Removable wall stickers also make it possible for parents to constantly change the environment of their children. They can give their children new and exciting wall stickers on a frequent basis. They can always switch back to the original wall stickers if it is the desire of their child. Wall stickers are more versatile than wall paintings and wall papers. Wall papers and wall paintings are more permanent and cannot be changed easily. Removable wall stickers make it very easy to give a child a new look for their room for very little costs.

Advantage of Removable Wall stickers
An advantage of using removing stickers is that when the taste of your child change it will be easier to go along with their change of taste. Children are constantly changing what they want. Using removable wall stickers can be an inexpensive solution for parents. They can always be reused.


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