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Painting a wall mural in your home is one of the most popular ways today to decorate your home. You can really express yourself in a way truly unique. No matter what your décor may be, it is possible to paint a wall mural that will match your colors and designs perfectly if you so desire.

Before starting your wall mural, you will need to do some research and preparation. Naturally, you will have to decide on which wall of your home you wish to paint. And of course, then you must decide what mural you want to paint on that wall.

You have a large number of options available when deciding on your wall mural design. You may choose to take a photograph of a particular area you enjoy, such as a seascape, a mountain view, a lakeside setting, perhaps a country view, whatever appeals to you. You might possibly already have a photograph or post card of a particularly inviting scene that you like. You can get all sorts of ideas from books and magazines. Looking through them to see what murals others have painted on their walls will give you even more ideas and inspiration. If this is your first attempt, you will want to start with a simple painting, and will certainly have better results by consulting a book of wall murals with complete instructions.

Once you have definitely decided on the specific subject for your wall mural, the next step will be to get the pattern onto the wall. Unless you are very good at sketching, drawing, and free-hand painting, it will be very beneficial to lightly trace your design onto the wall as a template to follow. To achieve the desired size you want for your wall space and to get proper perspective, you can project your photo or pattern onto the wall with a projector designed specifically for this purpose. When you get it focused on the wall exactly as you want it, lightly trace around the design. This will make finishing your wall mural much easier.

For the beginner and experienced alike, there are a multitude of great instructional books which will show you numerous great ideas and step-by-step instructions for creating your own wall mural. One in particular, “Painting Wall Murals fast and easy” by Terrence and Theodore Tse gives complete instructions for painting a wall mural using various types of sponges, a method that might be appealing to you. Other great books for painting your wall mural are mentioned elsewhere in my website.

Another much simpler, but neat idea (though perhaps somewhat more expensive) is to use stencils to create your wall mural. Royal Design Studio has a great selection of designs available with complete instructions. Melanie Royal has also written books pertaining to the subject of painting wall murals with stencils. These stencils can be used over and over. Perhaps, once you have completed your own wall mural, you may wish to ‘hire out’ to someone else, using the same stencil(s) to do a wall mural for them (if you do not mind someone having a similar painting to yours), thus defraying the original cost of the stencils. And in doing so, this may be the start of your own home business!

Donna Dewberry’s book “Decorative Murals with Donna Dewberry” is full of ideas for paint wall murals in every room of your home using her One Stroke technique of painting.

Although painting a wall mural may take a little time, you are sure to be feel a huge sense of personal satisfaction with your results. (If not, you can always paint over it and start again - not something to look forward to, but just a suggestion if you really dislike the painting.)

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