Framed Wall Mirror Guilty or Not?


If you are wondering what I meant by this title, let me explain. What all home owners are looking for is that one piece that is exquisite yet functional. What they all yearn for is this main focal point for their décor as someone enters the room. They want an object in their homes that is striking and pleasing to the eye. In fact they are hoping that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The framed wall mirror can give you this effect. It can be mesmerizing and demands ones attention.

The framed wall mirror is the perfect touch for any room. It enables you to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary display of charm and grace. It can be the main attraction or be just the right accent to pull together the entire look.

Mirrors are usually a piece of glass with a metal coating. The coating produces the reflection that allows us to see ourselves. What draws people to mirrors are the frames. The right frame can propel a mirror beyond its practical use. It heightens the ambience and reflects the beauty of your home.

Framed mirrors give the impression of the room to be larger then it is. It helps create the illusion of space and adds light into the room. They are a work of art and come in a wealth of styles, shapes, finishes and sizes. They appeal to a wide demographic area. Unlike some purchases, many of the sales for these are impulse buys. This has helped the framing industry thrive.

When choosing a framed wall mirror it is best to find one that complements the other furniture and accessories in the room. It makes a stunning statement in entranceways, living rooms, dinning rooms or bedrooms. They are available in oval, round, square and rectangular shapes. There is a framed mirror to fit any wall imaginable. No matter what type of décor your house cries out for you can find them in modern, contemporary, traditional, or Victorian styles. Wood, wrought iron, resin, fiberglass, metal and antiqued are a few materials they are made from. To blend with your furniture they come in an assortment of finishes such as mahogany, espresso, black, gold and antique white.

A framed mirror can be hung on a wall the same way as framed artwork. It should be hung on a sturdy wire attached to the back of the mirror and then hung off a single hook. For a heavier wall mirror the best method is to attach an anchor and a hook right into the wall stud. Most manufacturers will include the hardware for easy installation.

In my home I have an antiqued gold leaf framed wall mirror above my fireplace in the living room. I also added sconces and plants around it for an additional touch of elegance and style. The most elaborate look that I have seen was a framed mirror that was added to an entire mirrored wall. This produced a marvelous accent for a formal setting.

If your home is of modern design let me suggest you match several small framed mirrors together. For a chic elegant look try a white distressed wood frame or if you have several antiques it would be best to stay with the same type of frame as the rest of your furniture. The price varies on the size, material and quality of the frame. I am certain there is one to fit every budget.

It’s elegance, versatility and durability makes the framed wall mirror guilty as charged!

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