Wall Beds and What They’re Made of


In today’s wall bed market there are a number of wood materials that wall beds are constructed out of. Four of the main materials used in constructing a wall bed are Particle Board, MDF Board, Ply Wood, and Solid Wood. Each material has unique qualities that lend themselves to the operation and structure of your wall bed. Each material type is outlined below to give you a better understanding of why it is used, what it is best used for, and what to look for when choosing your perfect wall bed.

Particle Board

Particle Board is an engineered material used primarily for exterior furniture surfaces. It is composed of highly compressed wood pieces, or particles, which gives the material its name. In wall beds, particle board’s chief use is for exterior surfaces, because its guarantees a smooth surface and is less likely to warp or crack over time. Particle board strength is measured by its PSI, which gauges the compression of the particles together, and therefore the overall quality and strength of the board as a whole. A cheaper product will be composed of cheaper particles, and therefore have a lower PSI. Industrial strength particle board is much stronger, and has a much higher PSI rating. One thing to note is that particle board may contain amounts of formaldehyde, and it is important to be aware of this when furniture will be used in nurseries, or other highly sensitive spaces. Newer age particle board does not utilize formaldehyde in its construction so be sure to ask when purchasing a wall bed that has particle board components.


MDF is a material similar to particle board and has the same usage as an exterior surface wood since it results in a smoother surface and is less likely to warp and crack. MDF, however, is a much more refined product than particle board. It is also composed of wood particles, but they are much, much smaller than those that particle board is comprised of. Because of this, MDF has a slightly smoother texture than particle board. Consequently, this decrease in particle size makes MDF a much heavier product than particle board. This increases its structural use, but also makes your wall bed much heavier, which can be a hindrance when installing or moving your wall bed.


Plywood is a material that is generally stronger as a structural material than particle board or MDF. Plywood is constructed of several thin layers of wood, and can also be called layered board. The wood used to create the layers in plywood is generally B grade wood, which individually would not be strong enough for use, but when layered together creates a much stronger material. Use of plywood minimizes the chances of warping, which makes it desirable for exterior surfaces of a wall bed, as well as interior. Be cautious when selecting a wall bed that utilizes plywood as a main structural component, however, as knots in the wood layers can create instability. If one layer of the ply wood has a knot, it creates a point of weakness that can be transferred throughout the wood.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood is the material that is most used in wall beds for structural composition. This is the strongest material available, and is consequently the material used most often for the most important part of the wall bed: the structure. Solid wood is generally not used as an exterior material for several reasons. Solid wood can naturally warp, leading to visual imperfections which decrease the overall appearance and structural performance of your wall bed. It is also difficult to guarantee and align specific grain patterns when using solid wood, creating greater difficulty when used for exterior purposes. Solid wood is also very expensive, and unnecessary use is wasteful in our limited eco-system. wall beds that utilize solid wood as their main structural material will be extremely strong, but for aesthetic purposes solid wood is not recommended as an exterior surface.

Deciding what you want your wall bed to be made of brings you one step closer to knowing which wall bed is perfect for you. Once you know the materials, the next step is to choose how your wall bed looks.

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The Family-Friendly Soundproof Wall


A happy home is not necessarily a quiet one, and if you are a homeowner with kids, there may be times when you would like to be able to shut the door on the squabbling, or roughhousing, or shrieks of delight from the younger ones and the blasting music and the wee hours television from the older ones. But shutting the door won’t do much good if only a thin, un-insulated wall is separating you from the goings-on.

Benefits Of A Soundproof Wall

Having a soundproof wall, or walls, between your sanctuary--be it a bedroom, office, or den--and the family room or kid’s rooms, or wherever your home’s hotspots are--can make the difference between restful nights and irritable sessions at the breakfast table during which everyone starts the day off in a bad frame of mind.

A soundproof wall will also let you and you spouse feel more comfortable in intimate moments, and by allowing you to put up with the natural noisiness which accompanies a house full of kids, let your kids feel comfortable staying at home where you know they are safe.

If you have a home business, or do telecommuting, you know how difficult it can be to concentrate in the midst of normal family coming and goings. And if you have clients come to your home office, having a soundproof wall will both keep your conversations confidential, and give your clients the impression that your family life is more sedate than it might actually be. You’ll be able to focus on your work in peace, and for tasks like bookkeeping and writing, having a soundproof wall can be essential.

The increased productivity you achieve thanks to having installed a soundproof wall, in fact, might even lead to enough extra income that the expense of the soundproof wall will be covered.

Building A Soundproof Wall

If you are handy, you can create a soundproof wall from you existing one without too much difficulty. Just glue a sheet of half-inch drywall, with cork cushioning under it for added sound deadening if you wish, over your existing wall. Gluing is necessary because using nails will transmit sound. Using an extra layer of drywall to build your soundproof wall won’t cost you too much floor space, and will seal any small gaps in the existing wall which might be letting sound through.

There are other techniques for creating a soundproof wall from an existing one, and if you’d like to lean more about them, contact a local building contractor through the area homebuilders’ association.

As more people are working from home, the need for a permanent working space that is quiet has become a must. Make sure you utilize a soundproof wall system for your home office. This helps keep your business calls, brainstorming, conference calls, and other business communications from disrupting the rest of the household. In like manner, it prevents the normal sounds of people being at home from breaking into your thought processes while you are doing your work. Less interruptions means more productivity, which translates into more income for you and your family.

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Dealing With Water Damaged Walls And Floors


So, you are a homeowner and are looking to protect your home from any of the common afflictions homes have to deal with such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and of course, water damage. Year after year, homes across the country have to deal with water damage, most specifically mold that can cause massive damage to your home if left unchecked. Here we will talk about the kind of water damage that affects your walls, floors, carpets, mattresses, and other furniture, how to get rid of it, and even how to prevent further damage from being done. Let us begin.

The first thing you need to know is that mold is the most common form of water damage. Mold is attracted to hot and moist environments and attaches itself to surfaces that are in that sort of environment. Mold most easily attaches itself to cloth, carpet, and walls. It is important that you keep water or any other form of liquid away from your curtains or your walls. The main areas that deal with the most humidity are your kitchen, your bathrooms, and your basement.

Your kitchen is most likely to deal with mold in your refrigerator and underneath the sink. Underneath the sink is where some small humidity can build up. That small amount of humidity is more than enough to become a feeding ground for different kinds of mold. This mold can be gotten rid of by use of chemical cleaning agents, most of which you can find at your local supermarket for a relatively cheap price. Your bathroom can build up mold as a result of the steam that comes from running bathwater or from taking showers. The steam builds up as condensation on your walls, and if you do not have tiled walls, like most bathrooms do, then you will have to go to great lengths to dry your bathroom walls often. However, it can also be helpful to purchase a dehumidifier to quickly get rid of some of the steam.

Your furniture is in danger by a dog or some other form of pet that goes outside. If your pet goes outside and then comes back in, then that pet can be bringing in dirt. That dirt contains moisture that can get into your furniture, and that moisture can attract mold. Seat covers can be effective in reducing this nuisance, as well as cleaning your furniture regularly.

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Enjoy A Colorful Wall Tapestry


There are many things you can do with a bare wall, but one of the most dramatic and eye catching is to hang a wall tapestry instead of a photo, a clock, or something else mundane. A wall tapestry can bring new life to any room and if chosen carefully can become the focal point of an entire area.

These works of art in design have been around for centuries and come from all parts of the world. They usually combine complex shapes and colors, which represent various aspects of nature, culture, history and religion. The ancient Celtic varieties, among our most popular, can be simply amazing in their intricate weave of legends. The Celtic patterns are a popular choice for many people, but the choices do not end there.

As well as the ever popular Celtic designs we offer batik wall tapestry. Batik is a method, which uses both wax and dyes in order to create a stunning image. This method is always done by hand and no two are ever alike. This method was developed by the Indonesians and is centuries old. It is still practiced today in some cultures.

Other off-shoots to the more usual types of wall hangings are in the metaphysical, celestial and, ethnic wall tapestry. Many of these designs have gained a lot of popularity over the last two decades, and while they claim to have their own individual sense of style, they are still breathtaking and can make unique décor in any home or office. And let’s not forget the old tie dye wall tapestry from not so long ago. These, too, can be colorful and interesting and they are certainly unique.

Our products are focused on unique quality for a price everyone can afford. Any home or office will come to life just by adding a carefully chosen wall tapestry or two. And when it comes to price, you can own one or more for much less than most people think. In many cases, you can pick something up that is high quality and handcrafted for very little.

As you can see, there are literally dozens of various methods to choose from in this field. At Full Moon Loom we offer something for everyone. We hope to inspire your imagination and creativity.

One quick way to learn more about the many fascinating art forms in wall tapestry is to visit Full Moon Loom. Their website http://www.fullmoonloom.com is full of information on the various designs and styles.

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All You Need To Know About Wall Climbing Holds


Wall climbing is fun mixed with adventure which attracts both professionals and amateurs.

Seriously impressed with Spider-Man and his wall climbing skills? Then wall climbing is what you should do next. Started as a fun activity wall climbing has now taken a shape of professional sports where the rock climbers get their hand on experience before climbing a real one.

Professional or Amateur wall climbing is now favored as a perfect indoor adventure activity which rushes adrenaline with the sheer joy and technique which requires both strength and flexibility. Climbing the wall is now a popular activity amongst the young and adventure lovers.

The best part of this activity is that you can have the adventure going on with utmost safety and inside your home or in your backyard. A climbing wall is a standard wall made of brickwork or in some cases hard plywood which is made according to standard designs with holds to climb or descend.

With proper safety gear this sport is the safest adventure activity wherein you can crawl the ceiling of your home as well. You can build the climbing wall with little efforts and a good budget or if you don't want to use either you can simply rent the wall for your use.

If you have decided to have your own climbing wall you need to know a few important aspects of it. A wall just isn't complete without adding an assortment of basic climbing wall holds. Holds are what your feet and hands "hold" onto so that you can advance upwards as well as descend.

The climbing holds are available in vibrant colors, pastels, and shades of swirling grays that actually look and feel like real granite rock outcrops. In all basic climbing holds definitely separate the good climbing walls from the great ones!

It is important to clarify when you're purchasing basic climbing holds is whether or not your holds come equipped with t-nuts, bolts and screws. If they don't, you will have to purchase the hardware separately, that may incur more cost to the built-up.

Something else to consider is the wall degree the holds have been designed to accommodate. For example, if you're outfitting your 45 degree steep overhang, you definitely want to be sure the holds are designed for this. Usually you'll find that basic rock climbing holds are sold in multi-piece kits, with each kit containing a differing number of mixed sizes and colors.

Sizes range from very small dime-sized holds to extra large. Some holds are ergonomically designed and these offer a more comfortable grip. Some holds are manufactured with a coating of UV protectant so that they can withstand the outside elements.

Consider purchasing stainless steel hardware if the holds will be used outdoors which are more durable and don't whether out. Get going with the wall holds and experience the thrill of wall climbing in your own backyard.

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Choosing The Perfect Wall Mural


Wall Murals are a creative home interior decorating idea that transforms the entire look of any room. Wall Mural image choices range from simple repeating patterns to elaborate and exotic scenes. Although there are many to choose from, you need not feel intimated. Wall Murals look fantastic in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, kids’ bedroom, or practically anywhere you want to make a decorative statement on an otherwise plain wall (such as a staircase).

A beautiful Wall Mural can also be an inexpensive alternative to an architectural challenge in your living space. If your room is dark and the prospect of window or skylight installation or wall removal is not desirable or feasible, a Wall Mural can effectively meet this challenge for a fraction of the cost.

To help narrow the choices for your Wall Mural image, start by focusing on one room for placement. If you have a specific Wall Mural in mind, great! If not, look through the selection, and see what is pleasing to your eye. Take into consideration your personal preferences and interests as well. You want your Wall Mural to have characteristics of things you love. If you are an avid gardener, for example, a lovely Wall Mural with prominent displays of greenery and florals will work well in your room regardless of the season, as it is a reflection of your taste and personality. If you love foreign travel, a Wall Mural depicting an exotic location may be just what you are looking for. If the Wall Mural will be for your little one’s bedroom, you can enlist their help in your decision. Little girls often love animals and magical outdoor scenes while little boys may prefer animals and outer space. Plan carefully and have patience. You are sure to be rewarded.

You may decide that you want a Wall Mural with a dominant color theme you enjoy. Muted purples and oranges can be found in sunset or daybreak scenes, for instance. Aqua and blues are prominent in ocean scenes. Brown, tan and khaki dominate woodland scenes. See what catches your eye color-wise and then further narrow your choices to patterns or themes would like to incorporate into your living space.

Have fun picking your Wall Mural image pattern. Go to the public library and draw inspiration from pictures in photography, art, or children’s books. Childhood memories of a favorite place or time of year can also get your creative energies flowing. A once in a lifetime trip you took long ago can be captured forever in a similar Wall Mural image. You can find inspiration practically anywhere, from free travel catalogues to a roadside scene that catches your eye while driving to work everyday. Enlarged reproductions of famous artworks are also popular, such as Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh inspirations.

Be creative with your design. Garden Wall Murals filled with flowers, ivy, baskets and butterflies are an easy way to brighten a kitchenette. Wall Murals with faux brick, tile, or marble can dress up an entryway, fireplace, or staircase. An ocean scene Wall Mural with fish, or a beach and palm trees can add whimsy to a bathroom. Wall Murals that evoke scenes from a favorite fairy tale will help welcome a newborn.

Remember, you are making a house into the home of your dreams. With these helpful suggestions in mind, you are sure to find a Wall Mural you absolutely adore. For the years of viewing enjoyment it will bring, this is an investment that literally pays for itself.

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Wall Decals For Interior Decorating And Design


Wall decals are a great way to dress up any interior decorating and design project. With an Internet search you should be able to find them on just about any theme. When searching take into account that they may be referred to as wall stickers or vinyl decals. The nice thing about them is they can easily be removed and placed elsewhere in a room.

Wall decals because they are easy to remove should be considered in a rental. Vinyl wall stickers usually do not have adhesive and cling using static. If you are a renter where your landlord will not allow you to even paint and you would like some interior decorating and design to color up a room then they may be the best solution not only that you can take them with you when you move.

If you have need some interior decorating and design for a children's nursery or young child children's wall decals decals are quite popular, alphabet wall decals and train wall stickers are quite popular. Other themes for interior decorating and design of a child's room are Star Wars or Spiderman wall decals. In many cases most popular movie and cartoon related vinyl decals can be found online.

If your a sports fan you can often find your favorite sports wall decals. Life size decals of your favorite players in action or any sport such as football, baseball, basketball, snowboarding even Nascar. If you have a sports themed room this is often the way to go.

Wall decals for interior decorating and design give you virtually unlimited possibilities for designing a theme roomed. They are easily removed so if you are a renter or are moving from your current home you can takes these with you and apply them to you next project in your new place.

To find out more please visit >>> Wall Decals and Giant Wall Decals

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Backyard Rock Climbing Wall – A New Way To Stay Fit And Happy


There is good news for rock climbing enthusiasts! You can pursue your rock climbing hobby right in your backyard. No, I am not joking. Thanks to exceptionally resourceful and innovative entrepreneurs, rock climbing is becoming a hot of favorite of millions across the globe. This is possible because a lot of opportunity has been created in the recent past to promote this great outdoor sport.

A Classic Example Of “Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way” Manifestation

Many people who love this challenging outdoor sport were not able to indulge in it because of lack of opportunity. One would need to take a vacation where rocks and hillocks abound; also it should be entertaining enough for the rest of the family who might not share the love of rock climbing to the same extent. Then, you would need sufficient time off to be able to enjoy practicing and training for this sport.

Not any more! Now you can practice and enjoy this sport right in your backyard. How? By building / installing your own backyard rock climbing wall. You will no more need to go out anywhere to practice rock climbing. You can do so in your backyards with the help of the backyard rock climbing wall. There a great number of guides and books available which would explain to you how best to use the backyard rock climbing wall to promote your understanding and ability in rock climbing.

Alternatively, you could also use the backyard rock climbing wall to simply practice various types of holds, inclination levels and so on. The most experienced rock climbers still need to practice and learn different types of holds, balance and climbing tricks. As a matter of fact, one thing that is exceptionally entertaining and encouraging in this outdoor sport is the fact that it is always new.

All you can have as “old” here is your experience which grows with the every climbing session. Other that experience rock climbing is always new. This is why is keeps a person engaged and focused totally, every time they climb, time after time, time after time. One can use the backyard rock climbing wall to keep generating ways to climb and thereby sharpen the climbing skills and build stamina for the real thing. It is exciting, it is easy and it is right into your backyard! So, what is stopping from having fun?

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Wall Tile Will Produce a Dramatic Effect


When I started to write about wall tile I had no idea that ceramic tile has been around for over 4100 years. Ceramic tile was an art form created by artist of ancient civilizations. In contemporary times it still holds the title of the most popular tile that is commonly used around the world.

Made from a mixture of clays, ceramic tile is then fired at extremely high heat and in most cases given a glaze. These beautiful tiles will add an artful accent to your walls and enhance the atmosphere of your surroundings.

For those wanting timeless beauty as well as low maintenance, the answer to this scenario is wall tile. When it comes to maintenance, wall tiles are easy to clean, resistant to most harmful acids stains, there is no oxygen effect and it is extremely easy to keep the appearance of being new. If you are looking for maintenance free surfaces, then your answer to this is wall tile. These tiles will establish an ambiance of style and comfort to any wall on which they are placed.

If you are thinking about your choices, rest assured that wall tiles are available in a large assortment of designs, colors, patterns and materials. Just to mention a few of the materials, these tiles are available in glass, cork, granite, marble, slate, metal, limestone, porcelain and ceramic. With all the varieties of size, shape and styles your choices are limitless.

In order to prepare for your wall tiling job, measure your wall surfaces carefully so to be sure you purchase the correct amount of tile to finish your wall tiling project. If you take the time to prepare your walls you will make the do-it-yourself installation much easier.

Before you start installing the tiles, be prepared with the proper tool for the job. You will need special tools. Among the tools that you will need are a leveling board, rubber float, spreaders, trowels, nippers, tile cutters and a saw. Just so you know, professional installers always use a thick bed of mortar when applying tiles to a wall.

For those of you who are not the handy man type, there are professional tile installers in locations close to you.

You have the choice of ceramic or rustic stone, due to the fact that these walls will not be walked upon. Recycled glass is another choice to think about. This type of glass tile comes in a variety of colors with sizes and shapes that abound. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, this is the way to go. Also because these tiles won't be walked on, you can go with metal tiles which are lighter in weight. No matter what material you choose, you have the choice to have these tiles hand painted, antiqued or matched to any color of your choosing. One thing you should know is that installing metal tiles may be a bit more difficult.

If you are looking for an extremely artful appearance to your walls, you might want to go with a tile mural. These tile murals come in a wide assortment of themes and are especially attractive when used as a kitchen backsplash on the walls of your kitchen between the cabinets and the counters. Tile murals will also add something special to any room of your home, supplying a unique and comfortable touch of elegance to your decor.

From hand painted art to modern technology the final product can be presented in many forms. To give you some examples, you have tiles that are not glazed which range in color from light sand to bright red brick. China clay, China stone, flint and white lead are among some of the plain glazes offered. Manufactures make different colors by adding ground metal oxides.

Mosaic tiles are also very popular. The varieties of color choices are white, green, turquoise, black, brown, blue, and yellow, just to mention a few. These mosaic tiles are carved or cut into shapes and placed in a prepared pattern on a mesh backing.

Other artful forms of the wall tile finished product are transfer printing, modeled, tube lining, carved and hand painted.

Now we will take a look at porcelain tile. In homes built today, the largest demand is for porcelain tile. It is the modern version of ceramic tile. Fired at higher temperatures than ceramic, porcelain tile is the product of much finer porcelain clay. Its density is greater, it is less porous, prone to take on less moisture and more resistant to staining than ceramic tile. Because it is quite difficult to cut, porcelain tile can be a bit more work to apply.

If your choice of tile is marble, remember marble tile is extremely porous and will need scheduled maintenance. In order to keep marble tile stain resistant, you will have to reseal it every 12 to 24 months. This is especially true for marble tiled bathrooms because of heat and steam.

If you are intrigued by the natural beauty of granite tile, be forewarned, because of its weight granite tile has a tendency to slide down the wall when installed.

Another elegant look is cork tile. Cork tile will give you durability and stability along with improved air quality and produce a sophisticated comfort zone to the room.

Infused with a variety of colors, glass tiles take the visual aura of natural light. These tiles add a special eye-pleasing effect to the room.

For those of you who would like to know about cost, the range in prices is as diverse as the variety of styles. If your budget is limited, you will still be able to find beautiful wall tile for between $1.00 and $5.00 per square foot. For those willing to pay the price these wall tiles can be as expensive as $25.00 to $50.00 per square foot and more.

And in conclusion, whatever wall tile you pick, the end result will be a timeless expression of wall art sure to please for many years to come.

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How Designers Lay Out Wall Tapestries


If you recently picked up wall Art for residential interior decoration, you could infer how complicated and difficult it may be to string up a home Decor Accent Tapestries properly. Different than posters or a framed prints, displaying art tapestries has been known to be rather backbreaking to make it precise. As destiny would have it, there are some efficient practiced thoughts and tricks that you can observe to cause your interior decorating appear as proficient as it can.

First off, investigate what home decor wall accessories you would prefer to have to lay out your tapestries. The most dependable manner is utilizing a low-cost wall hanging rod. Contemporary art home Decor Accent Tapestries rods are commonly selected over drapery rods since the artistic tapestry wall hanging hanging rods are a bit more solid and ought not stoop in the middle. When looking for a rod, search for one that has unproblematic to put on brackets. Make sure that your brackets will extend your tapestry out from the wall at the very least one to 2 inches. This might sustain the air distributing around your wall hanging for your home decor, so moisture will not amass and hurt the cloth. Shop around for a tapestry rod with an ancient finish it shall bring panache and importance to your European home interior decorating.

Second, survey your room. Wherever need you hang up the wall Art? How much room ought you hold about the woven wall tapestry? Here are a few practiced rationales that can assist.

If you have a long and tall vertical tapestry wallhanging such as the Portiere wall hangings, you will show it on a wall that is thin and tall, but make sure there is some extra space framing it to head off the wall from appearing like its busy. This will counter the tapestry from looking like its trivial and junior-grade.

If you own a immense art Wall Hanging, it would be best to article it on a wall wherever it possibly can be discovered with ostentation. You do not desire to muffle the splendour or lead off a family members sight with additional art. Immense wall Art can transmute your house into a palace, address them with wonder and value.

Maybe you paid for two humbler wall art designs, but merely have a single rod, seldom stew, you can easily make this work. You may pose 2 narrow and long tapestry wall hangings adjacent to one another on a solitary tapestry wall hanging rod, just recall to provide a lower limit of 3 to 6 inches amidst them to obtain the illusion of detachment. Please take down that this should serve exclusively either tall and narrow wall hanging designs like our Art Nouveau While You Were Out Set. Everything fuller than this will decidedly seem cluttered up and callow, so attempt your greatest to measure all that out the suitable outlet.

This commentary was composed by The Tapestry Standard. Kindly travel to our site, http://www.european-wall-tapestries.com/store/catalog/Wall_Tapestries__Large_100_or_more_inches_page_1_c_31.html to see a bit more with regard to wall decor and to peruse our goodly selection of tapestry wall hangings.

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