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So, you are a homeowner and are looking to protect your home from any of the common afflictions homes have to deal with such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and of course, water damage. Year after year, homes across the country have to deal with water damage, most specifically mold that can cause massive damage to your home if left unchecked. Here we will talk about the kind of water damage that affects your walls, floors, carpets, mattresses, and other furniture, how to get rid of it, and even how to prevent further damage from being done. Let us begin.

The first thing you need to know is that mold is the most common form of water damage. Mold is attracted to hot and moist environments and attaches itself to surfaces that are in that sort of environment. Mold most easily attaches itself to cloth, carpet, and walls. It is important that you keep water or any other form of liquid away from your curtains or your walls. The main areas that deal with the most humidity are your kitchen, your bathrooms, and your basement.

Your kitchen is most likely to deal with mold in your refrigerator and underneath the sink. Underneath the sink is where some small humidity can build up. That small amount of humidity is more than enough to become a feeding ground for different kinds of mold. This mold can be gotten rid of by use of chemical cleaning agents, most of which you can find at your local supermarket for a relatively cheap price. Your bathroom can build up mold as a result of the steam that comes from running bathwater or from taking showers. The steam builds up as condensation on your walls, and if you do not have tiled walls, like most bathrooms do, then you will have to go to great lengths to dry your bathroom walls often. However, it can also be helpful to purchase a dehumidifier to quickly get rid of some of the steam.

Your furniture is in danger by a dog or some other form of pet that goes outside. If your pet goes outside and then comes back in, then that pet can be bringing in dirt. That dirt contains moisture that can get into your furniture, and that moisture can attract mold. Seat covers can be effective in reducing this nuisance, as well as cleaning your furniture regularly.

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