How To Install A Wall Candle Holder Safely


The first thing you have to do when safely installing a wall candle holder is to choose a wall sconce that has built in safety features. Always choose a candle holder that has a hurricane glass or some other kind of glass that completely surrounds the candle from top to bottom. This feature will eliminate the possibility of wax getting on your walls, floors or carpet.

The next thing to do is position the wall candle far enough away from flammable objects such as curtains, wall art, coat racks and any other objects that could catch fire if your sconce is positioned too close.
Now you should consider how high on the wall you should place your sconce. To determine how high on the wall your candle holder should be you have to consider your personal circumstances. Take into consideration if you have children or seniors around. Could your pet get too close? Is this sconce to be placed in a high people traffic area?

Once you have considered how high on the wall you need to hang your candle holder, the next thing to do is make sure you attach the sconce to the wall very securely. You have two very safe ways to safely secure your wall candle holder to the wall. You always want to make sure that your sconce will remain on the wall at all times.

The first way to hang your wall sconce is to use a wall anchor. These wall anchors come in a variety of screw sizes. Because of the different anchor sizes, you want to make sure that the anchor you use is the correct size to match the screw you will eventually screw into the anchor. If the anchor is too big for the screw, the wall candle holder will not be secured to the wall properly. As a candle burns there is a weight shift that could cause the candle holder to tip and this could cause candle wax to spill or the candle itself to fall. Be careful to insert the correct wall anchor into the wall so that the wall sconce will be attached properly.

Your other choice for hanging your wall candle is to use mounting brackets that are used for hanging wall planters and other heavy wall hanging objects. These mounting brackets are found at most home improvement and hardware stores. You can also find them online. Do a search and in no time you will find the best wall hanging bracket for your sconce.

Another thing to do is light the candle and drip melted wax on the candle holder base. Immediately place the candle on top of the melted wax so the candle is securely bonded to the candle holder. This way, if the candle holder is tilted, the candle will not fall off of the holder.

So now let’s review this entire wall candle holder installation safety procedure.

1. Make sure your sconce has some sort of glass enclosure so melted wax stays on the holder
2. Make sure the placement of your wall candle is free from fire hazards.
3. Consider how high on the wall you should place the sconce according to your personal circumstances.
4. Securely attach the wall candle holder using the correct wall anchors or mounting brackets.
5. Drip melted wax on the base of the candle holder and place the candle on the melted wax to create a strong bond to the candle holder base.

There you have it. With careful preparation, your wall sconce will flicker with beauty for many years. You can rest assured that you have considered all the possible hazards and removed them from possibly occurring.

By: Joe Tobiasz

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