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It was a Tuesday morning in upper Midwest. I was just rising from a good night’s sleep. I happen to be an early morning riser and it’s 4:30AM. I’m down in my kitchen having my first cup of coffee and preparing for the day ahead.

I turn on my TV to get a glimpse of the morning news and weather report. After about 15 minutes, I turn off the TV and head upstairs to take a shower.

Now I’m ready to attack the day. The first thing I do is go to my office and turn on my computer. After my computer has booted up, I go to my email to sort through my messages.

What a pleasant surprise. I got a message from one of my recent subscribers to my e-letter. Her name is Ann. She is from New England and she is asking me for help in finding her some inside and outside wall lighting for her home.

Anyway, Ann is from Connecticut and owns a Contemporary Colonial Home built in 1984. She has recently taken inventory on her home and has done some remodeling in her kitchen and 3 bathrooms. She said as she was doing an inspection of her home to see what could be replaced. She noticed that there were several wall lighting fixtures both inside and outside her home that should be replaced with new more appealing fixtures.

The first of these wall lighting fixtures that needed replacement were in her formal dining room. She went on to say that the dining room walls are light yellow wallpaper with a small flower print placed close together dotting the entire surface of the wallpaper. In the middle of one wall is a rust and dark brown brick fireplace with tan mortar in between the brick, running half way up the wall. The width of the brick fireplace was about 7 feet.

She also said that there is a formal dining room table made of solid oak, with oak chairs that are cushioned with padded brown leather covers both on the seats and back rests. There is a candelabra chandelier in polished brass above the dining room table.

On the innermost wall of the dining room was a custom made buffet cabinet. This buffet cabinet was 15 feet long. Above the buffet cabinet are 5 wall lighting fixtures equally separated on the wall. Each one of these wall lighting fixtures was a 2 candle electric wall sconce.

Ann goes on to say that she would like to change out these electric candle wall sconces to something more contemporary and artful.

Right away I’m thinking let’s go with something in a contemporary brass. After searching around, I found a wall lighting fixture that will create a vibrant ambiance in her formal dining room. It’s a beautiful wall sconce in a new brass finish. This dynamic wall lighting fixture is a magnificent work of art. The contemporary brass base holds a marbled amber stone shade. This unusual stone shade will fill the room with the hues of rainbow colors while adding extra allure to your room that will leave your visitors in awe. The colors range from a soft, pale sunshine yellow to deep rich honey golden amber.

Then I thought that there are 5 lights along that wall. It would truly look magnificent if the second and forth light were different from the others. So I considered many combinations and came up with what I thought would be the perfect compliment. The other two lights on her dining room wall would be the two light Tiffany wall sconces in Valiant Bronze. This stained glass lighting fixture incorporates the use of warm earth tones and geometric shapes to create a fixture that is both comforting yet inventive.

Next, Ann wanted to change her outside wall lighting around her house. She had a three car attached garage, There was one double overhead door and one single overhead door.

There are three wall lighting fixtures on this wall. She had mentioned that she was looking for large outdoor lighting fixtures in a silver metal finish.

My suggestion to Ann was a clean new look. I chose the 27th Street outdoor wall fixture in satin etched nickel. This outdoor wall lighting fixture has a modern clean appearance that will never go out of style. I also suggested that she use this same wall lighting fixture for the wall light by her front door and on the back wall of her home where she has a deck.

When it comes to indoor or outdoor wall lighting, your choices are unlimited. From styles to finishes, from sizes to shapes you will never run out of possibilities. One thing you can be sure of, is, that there is a wall lighting fixture to brighten every possible decorating theme.

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