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Wall fountains are the exceptional means of adding pieces of nature when it comes to home decoration. With the added benefits that one can get with the use of wall fountains, these stuff have become increasingly popular these days. Homes, office spaces, hospitals, meditation and yoga centers- wall fountains are found everywhere. When it comes to buying wall fountains there are lots of choices available and choosing the right one for your home or office décor won't be a difficulty. However, these wall fountains need appropriate care and maintenance for proper functioning. Here are some tips to maintain and care a wall fountain.

Change water periodically

When it comes to wall fountains there are both indoor and outdoor options available. However, changing the water that's circulated is a vital part of maintenance of any kind of wall fountain. If the water fountain is not used for a long time and kept idle, all the water has to be drained and the fountain must be kept dry. Leaving the water idle in a wall fountain will destroy the quality of the water and also will produce a foul smell. It's always advisory to keep the wall fountain operating continuously. This eliminates the foul smell of stagnant water and also prevents the growth of micro organisms.

Extra cares for outdoor wall fountains

While most of the wall fountains are associated with common maintenance procedures, the outdoor wall fountains need some extra care. Foliage gets collected in the outdoor water fountains, distracting the water flow. This not only impacts the beauty of the wall fountain but also damages the pump. The foliage clogs the water flow in the pump which in turn will cause non-reparable damage to the same. The green alga is another obstacle that comes with the outdoor conditions. Green algae grow faster in the outdoor wall fountains when compared to the indoor ones. The outdoor wall fountains have to be maintained in a dry condition for atleast two days every month for overcoming this difficulty.

Keep the pump in trim working condition

The pump is the heart of a wall fountain. It is very much important to maintain the pump in good working condition. Cleaning the pump regularly is very much essential. Improper maintenance of the pump will make the wall fountain totally stop functioning. The pump should be checked and made sure that there are no debris within the rotor area. All the debris like dust, sand and foliage has to be removed for proper functioning of the pump. Cleaning the pump is an uncomplicated task and you should be able to clean the pump with a little bit of time and concentration.

The wall fountains can be easily maintained when compared to the other types. Reading the manufacturer's instructions regarding installation, maintenance and care thoroughly will help you maintain your great piece of art (wall fountain) in all its splendor. .

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About the Author:
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