Three Things You Can Do to a Bare Wall


If you just moved into your new apartment, surely everything is all bare. It is up to you how to make things more homey and warm. Each person has a unique way on how to do this. Others would add metal wall art. Others would opt to buy some hanging plants and put it there. Some would do some abstract freehand painting so that their personal touch is there.

When you live far from your family, you can use this wall to put your family photos. This will serve as your big photo album and can look at it no matter what time of the day it is. In addition, you can mix and match the pictures to what your heart desires. One nice thing about this is that since the wall is big, surely, you can add quite a number of photos. You can have a big one in the middle and then just scatter the others around it. However, do not put too much on the wall because it might seem like one big clutter on the wall.

Aside from metal wall art, you can put your collection in the wall. For example, if you have a keychain collection, you can just put some hooks on the wall and let the keychain hang there. At least you can see how big your collection already is. More so, you can keep track of the designs that you already have to avoid any duplication. In addition, your collection can be a nice conversational piece for guests who come into your home. While you busy yourself in preparing foods and refreshment for them, they can talk about your keychain collection.

Lastly, a bare wall can liven up with some color. You can put some cloths in the wall and just design it whatever way you want. This gives people the impression that you are very artistic and creative. You can even add more décor in the wall that will go perfectly with the cloths that already have in the wall. You can even ask some of you relatives and friends so contribute a thing or two to your wall so that it will come alive.

From metal wall art, to pictures, you can put anything you want to your wall. Try to remember that less is more. Learn how to control yourself and say that enough is enough. Even though you really want to add more, it is still best that you do not. Oftentimes, people love looking at things as they are. You do not have to make things very exaggerated in order for people to notice it. You just know how to work around things so that others will know that this is one of the focal pieces in your place. Hiring an interior decorator is quite expensive. You can decorate your house little by little and once you see everything in place, you know that you did a job well done. If others suggest other things, try to consider them and see if it is possible.



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